Wine and Dine with Pleasure During Your Isle of Wight Holidays

Wine and Dine with Pleasure During Your Isle of Wight Holidays

When you go on a self-catering holiday to the Isle of Wight, you might not always feel like eating “at home”. You are, after all, on holiday. So you get out and about. You eat in pubs and cafes. You have dinner in restaurants, and of course on an island with such proximity to so many beaches, you expect quite a bit of fresh seafood.

What you don’t expect, and what you get is a lot of fresh everything. It seems that the Isle of Wight locals are happiest when donning the old bib and tucking into mountains of pub food, or digging in at award winning restaurants, So when you go on holiday to the Isle of Wight and stay in a self catering cottage be prepared to leave those china plates untouched and the cutlery unused, as you explore some of the island’s most famous eating haunts:

Terrace Restaurant at Osborne House offers very good food at reasonable prices. You can choose to sit indoors, if you’re not taken with the idea of eating outdoors; however the outdoor setting is quite appealing so if the weather’s on your side, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. So plan a day out with the family and have lunch at the Terrace. You’ll enjoy a variety of locally produced food and drink.

You can’t possibly visit the Isle of Wight without having fish and chips. If you’re staying in  self-catering accomodation, you could always get the fish and chips and take them home to eat off plates – though to be honest there is nothing quite like eating fish and chips right out of the bag on the seafront and giving away half of your portion to a seagull, out on a raid for food. Savouring the taste, while feeling generous both at the same time!

Chipmunks, in Monkton Village, is a great local favourite and a much better alternative to the bizarrely named alternative, Codfather; this is perhaps an example that amusingly named fish and chip shops not always sell superior quality fish and chips.

You can make always eat well on your self-catering holiday, even if you don’t want to cook. How? Easy, you can have fresh food delivered to you. Mandibles Catering delivers hot or cold meals. Next day, they’ll even return to  your cottage to collect the dishes. So when you want to relax without doing anything, there’sa viable option.

Sometimes you may want something a little non-traditional, like a curry or a Chinese. Food you have at home and not always by the sea, in other words. Ryde Tandoori on Union Street gets very favourable reviews from the locals, not to mention knocking out some sensational curry for recession busting prices. So if your Isle of Wight holidays need punctuating by a good old sit down meal in a curry house, you know where to go.

Ultimately food and drink are a massive part of being on holiday. The whole point is to relax, enjoy yourself, and eat what you want, when you want. In addition to the recommendations given here, you should be sure to stop and check out pubs that intrigue, or restaurants that take your fancy as there are many other hidden gems across the Isle of Wight.

For more information on eating out on the Isle of Wight, be sure to read our dining Out section on our Inside Island Blog.

Mark Curtis owns Wight Locations. When not managing the company’s self-catering holiday properties, he spends time with his family – seeking out the best parts of the island by bicycle and by boat. Mark writes about his experiences, personal favourites and the Isle of Wight’s hidden gems.