Why to Visit Egypt….Top attraction

Why to Visit Egypt….Top attraction

Egypt also called as ‘The Land of Mummies’ is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. Egypt arguably has the most beautiful landscapes in the world and rich history that attracts tourists from around the world. Egypt became really popular among the western world after the success of the Hollywood film ‘The Mummy’. Since then several Hollywood films like ‘Transformers’ have been shot in Egypt making this exotic place an instant success. Egyptian culture and people are fascinating and provide a lot more to the tourists then just the famous Egypt pyramids.

Ancient Monasteries and Monuments…

Egypt has rich history that dates back to centuries ago. The Romans, the Arabs, the Greeks, the Persians have all been here and left behind several amazing monuments. These sculptures and monuments represent the old and glorious history of Egypt. Several documentaries have been made surrounding these old monuments and Christian monasteries based in Egypt.

Why to Visit Egypt….Top attraction

Why to Visit Egypt….Top attraction

Egyptian Culture, People and Language…

If you love meeting new people, exploring new cultures and traditions, then you won’t be disappointed by Egypt. It’s been over half a century since Egypt got its independence and since then the Egyptian culture has flourished and become more fascinating than ever before. Egyptian people’s dressing style is well known and we have seen it all in films and TV shows. Communicating with the local people also gives you the opportunity to get insights into this fascinating place. One word of caution though!! Arabic is the national language of Egypt and the most widely spoken and understood language in the country. If you are unaware of the language then you may need some Arabic translation  help. Egyptian people are very welcoming and love meeting new people and their hospitality will surprise you positively.

Camels, Donkeys and Sports…

When you think of Egypt you may not necessarily think of adventure. But Egypt is a very popular destination for adventure sports like camel riding and rock climbing. Some people even go as far as donkey riding and competing in donkey racing. Speed lovers can enjoy their rides on jeeps and racing cars enjoying the long sandy roads of Egypt. If you are not a adventure freak a slow bumpy ride on camel across the deserts of Egypt is also a top attraction not be missed in Egypt.

Visit the great river ‘Nile’ and Sahara desert…

We have all read about the river Nile and seen it in countless animal documentaries. This will be your life time opportunity to visit the ancient river and whilst in Egypt this has to be in your priority list. Taking a cruise in one of the world’s longest river is quite a journey in itself. Egyptian Sahara desert had become like a symbol of Egypt and highlights the many beautiful landscapes present in Egypt.

The great pyramids of Giza have always been the top tourist attraction in Egypt. But the above mentioned list are some of the other tourist attractions which make Egypt a must visit place during your next outing.