What to pack on a backpack trip

Whenever people get ready for their first trip with a backpack, there’s the problem of deciding the best things to take with them. If you’re heading off to see the world, they’ll be plenty of times when you’ll be carrying your belongings on your back. Depending on how long you’re going for, one thing’s for sure: you don’t want to over pack.

Start off with a pile of stuff that you want to take. Then refine your packing list, removing anything that is excess to requirements. Try and choose clothing that will double up for daytime and evenings. Craghoppers and other outdoor brands sell so many different kinds of walking trousers these days that you are bound to find the style that suits you. Some are made of really light weight fabric that can be washed and dried really easily, and that will not crease so don’t need ironing.

Many of the trousers also come with zip away sections so that you can make them double up as shorts and trousers. And the range of styles is so varied that they can easily double up as clothes to go out in the evenings, too.

If you’re heading off to cooler climes, then make sure you have plenty of base layer garments to keep you warm.  These are really lightweight items that fit snugly against the body to preserve core body warmth.  You can always remove layers if you get too hot, but having decent thermals for a base layer will mean that you have to take less bulky items to go over the top.

A fleece top is lightweight and easy to squash down into your pack when you don’t need it. Finally, an all-round waterproof jacket will prove valuable wherever you’re headed, as you’re more than likely to get some rain on your trip, whether it’s of the monsoon variety or not. It will also help keep you warm as they offer protection from the wind, too.