Visiting Cat Cat village in Sapa

Recently, Cat Cat village in Sapa is always one of destinations you should visit when travelling to Sapa. This is a longstanding village and a ideal cultural place for visitors want to learn about life and people in the Northwest Vietnam.

Cat Cat village in Sapa

Cat Cat village in Sapa

Cat Cat village in Sapa is located in San Sa Ho commune, Lao Cai, it is far from away center town about 3 km. Most people live here are H’Mong people.

A long standing village

There is a beautiful waterfall in Cat Cat village, in French this waterfall is called “Catscat“. In the early twentieth century, French has discovered and made this place become a resort for officials. From that moment, name of H’mong village beside waterfall is called Cat Cat.

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village

House architecture of H’mong People in Cat Cat village has got ancient features such as house is made by Pomu wood, the pillars is on round or square stones, the walls are roofed with timber, 3 doors – main door is on center part of house, remaining 2 doors is on 2 side of house, the main door is always closed, it is only opend when happening big things like wedding, funerals,… After changes in live or economy, but the tradtional costumes have been preserved because the H’mong people always educate their children must remember their ancestors and traditions.

H’mong people live in Cat Cat village do rice cultivation in terraces and  the traditional crafts. In these looms, H’mong people created many colorful brocades and many images  about leaves, flowers, animals,…. In addition to, there is a unique traditional career in Cat Cat village in Sapa, this is silver carving, mostly products are bracelets, necklaces, rings,… This career has been existed long time ago and it increase local people’s income.

Save many traditional cultures North West region (Vietnam)

This place attracted many to tourists because not only by the beauty of nature, but also by this place has save many Sapa culture. You will see many traditional products. It’s not outstanding but it expressed the the skillful hands of local women. You can also learn about unique cuisine of H’mong people, there are many unique cuisines which you never eat such as corn tortillas, chicken pudding,….

Special thing when you come to Cat Cat village in Sapa is a opportunity to learn about local tradtions or joining the traditional rituals which H’mong people preserved such as pull wife, Gau Tao festival,…Pull wife ritual is a unique tradition. When a man fall in love with a woman, he will invite friends and ask them to “pull” her to his house in 3 days. If she agree to be his wife, he will make a wedding. If she refuses, a man and woman will drink acohol together, then it is back to normal as if nothing happened. If you travel to Cat Cat village in Sapa in the early days of year, you can join Gau Tao festival, this is the largest festival in year,  is the epitome of spiritual life of H’Mong people. The meaning of this festival is blessing for people.

With the unique features of region on mountain, Cat Cat village is one ideal Vietnam destinations for visitors want to take the rest or relax with the nature and leaving from pollution and urban life.