Visit to Hon Heo island in Nha Trang

Hon Heo island has another name is Phuoc Ha Son, it is situated in the South of Ninh Hoa commune and far from away Nha Trang city about 15km.

Visit to Hon Heo island in Nha Trang
Visit to Hon Heo island in Nha Trang

According to the old fishermen, they told that on the peak of Phuoc Ha Son have many kinds of rattan, it’s very big and long,… so many people try to cross the sea come to make cabinets, chairs, chests… From the land, visitors have to go by canoes by 15 minutes, they will see the pristine scenery with shoreline and white sand, it is Hon Heo island, there are many tents under the shadow of trees along the beach.

Hon Heo island is suitable place for outdoor activities, team building or the traditional bonfire night,… Service in this island such as  kayaking, canoeing, paragliding, snorkerling,… attracted many tourists by quality services and reasonable prices.

In addition to, you’ll be interested in the animal shows such ostrich riding, monkey shows,… People who like to climb moutains, can join climbing tours in this island, in these tours, visitors will be excited and forgetting all of sorrows. Besides, visitors can also go to the center this island, pass over mangroves to come to the stream, its name is Hoa Lan (Orchids), the cause of this name is this place has many orchilds.

Coming to Hon Heo island, tourists have a chance to enjoy the fresh seafoods which have just been taken from the sea such as squid, fish, shrimp, crabs, snails, scallops,… Especially, this island has other delicious and nutritious foods such as crocodile, ostrich,.. you can also enjoy it on the spot. Hon Heo island has less entertainment activities than other island in Nha Trang, thus it has still kept the wild beauty.

Not simply coming and leaving, people who came this island once and live in this island one night in the peaceful forests, I’m sure that they will remember it forever.

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