Vietnamese Transportation Options


Now that you are already standing on Vietnamese soil, the next question you should ask yourself is this: how do I travel around? Read on and know what we recommend for travellers like you.


Our Recommendation: Stay on the Road

Although trains are a fast way to reach Ho Chi Minh City from Hanoi and vice versa, if you are travelling on a budget, we suggest that you go for tourist coaches instead. Although they are a bit more expensive than public buses, the price is compensated by the fact that they are comfortable rides going to tourist spots and hotels.


Foreigners cannot rent and drive their own car in the country, except on some special cases. Thus, get a car hire service that comes with a chaperone instead. Just make sure that your driver knows the roads well and understands a bit of English.

Recommended for a Taste of Local Life: Cyclo

This 3-wheeled rickshaw bicycle is how many locals travel around town, and if you are adept at the skill of bargaining, you can definitely have a shot at riding a cyclo. However, do watch out for aggressive drivers because they might demand more money after every trip.

Recommended for a Personal Experience in the Country: Renting Motorcycles

If you really prefer witnessing the beauty of this exotic Asian country in all its splendour at your own pace, you can rent motorbikes from hotels and cafes. Of course, check the gas, brakes, and tires of the two-wheeler before setting off.

Have fun roaming around!