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In Southeast Asia lies Vietnam, home to emerald rice paddies and sapphire bodies of water. Having regained independence and peace from war only in the 20th century, one can only wonder what incited colonisers to fight over this archipelago for hundreds of years. Indeed, the craze over Vietnam began spreading with the first explorers. What made them desire to stay and call it their own? Could it have been the dramatic mountains up north or the raging Mekong Delta down south? Stay with us for a while and we will discover some of the answers. However, after you browse through the articles and pictures on this website, do not be surprised if you find yourself hopping on the next plane to Vietnam to see it for yourself.

Here is what is in store for you as you browse this site. First, we will take you through some cities that each have a story to tell about the Vietnamese. Halong Bay is a picture of untouched splendour – influenced by no other hand except that of nature. Its tranquil waters, animal-shaped islands, and astounding caves evoke a time when Vietnam lived in undisturbed glory.

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At Hoi An’s harbour, you can easily imagine the busy port that it used to be. Its strategic location by the South China Sea attracted foreign traders, as well as other adventurers on a cruise through the Orient, and it is where the first Chinese settlers entered the country. Next came the French, whose imprints can be found in grand architectural works near the humble home of the revered leader Ho Chi Minh who fought for Vietnam. These you will see in our Hanoi city guide.

At melancholy Hue, the evidence of war is most pervasive – there are eerie ruins and complicated underground battle tunnels. Finally, see evidence of liberation in Ho Chi Minh City’s Reunification Palace. More than any other place in the nation, this city boasts of commerce and shows signs that the country has already opened its windows to the world. There are highlights that should not be missed, too. Vietnam is home to hundreds of pagodas that are dedicated to different gods, influenced by various ethnic groups and immigrants. We have even included a guide to Jade Emperor temple.

Other places of worship can even be found in the middle of lakes and in awe-inspiring royal tombs. Vietnam’s waters also offer unforgettable cruises and beautiful beaches. Most of all, you will find yourself longing to taste the country’s food. The various dishes in Vietnam are filled with savoury spices and original combinations of sauces, vegetables, and unique ingredients that will please your palate endlessly. Get aboard floating markets or squeeze your way through streets to get a satisfying, steaming, unforgettable meal. For every adventurer, we offer smart tips, safety precautions, and life insurance, too as well as guides on cruises in Halong Bay. So when you return back home, check for tell-tale signs that you are missing Vietnam.

Your dreams might be filled with dragon myths and tiger-shaped stalactites. You might find yourself researching about past emperors; you might feel the urge to find a temple in your home town. You will probably find out, too, that you have been addicted to the taste of pho and other culinary delights. If you recognise these symptoms in you – whether they occur after reading this site or after a real trip to Vietnam – then, make no mistake: you have truly caught the Vietnam craze and, chances are, you will never get over it.