Vietnam an Astonishingly Exotic and Utterly Compelling Planet

Reasons to travel to Vietnam 

Did you know that you are missing a lot if Vietnam is not on your travel list? Its dramatic landscapes, unforgettable and fascinating history, its good food and pulsating energy makes it a better place to visit. The country does not only capture your attention from your first day visits, but also electrifies your senses, seizing you from all angles. If you want to visit a place to call home, far away from home, Vietnam perfectly fits your list of best countries to visit. People want to tour places they will love from the start, and Vietnam makes the best option. The country is ridiculously thrilling and relaxing. 

Cost of living Vietnam

Vietnam has become an addiction for locals as well as tourist because of its exotic and breathtaking natural beauty. The beauty of this land makes it an admirable ground, and it is a perfect planet for those who would love to create those special memories of unforgettable experiences. Vietnam gives its locals and its visitors a mix of experiences. There is the sublime, the ridiculous, the contemplative, the comic and the inspirational.

You cannot afford to miss the inspiration of exploring the world’s special caves in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Meeting the notoriously ridiculous flood of motorbikes in Hanoi, getting the chance to visit the solitary graves of tens of thousands of war victims in Vietnam and watching the comical moped loaded with honking pigs all give you an amazing experience in this country.

Fall in love with Vietnam – Reasons to visit here

There are many reasons to fall in love with Vietnam. There are many reasons why you want to book a flight and fly strain to this country. Below are good reasons to fall in love with the astonishingly exotic and utterly compelling Vietnam.

Fresh Herbs

The country is full of herbs. Example herbs in Vietnam include fresh herb like mint and drill, Morning Glory, Thai basil and coriander. Some of these herbs, the greens for example, make the best food spices, adding a good taste to every dish the local and visitors to this country love the most. Vietnam’s herbs make the best wraps and garnishes, serving as great palate cleaners. In addition, herbs make the best flavors that make many dishes in Vietnam to taste good making them fun to eat. 

The People

To be brutally honest, meting good people is often the hardest part of life. But, this seems to be a farfetched myth for Vietnam. Although you or your friends might have grown thinking that Vietnam is a dangerous place in the world, it is actually a country of friendly people, people with good hearts. They are kind, thoughtful, industrious and always positive.

People here are generous; they are the heart of the county, and you should take advantage of meeting with such kind of people. They will welcome you warmly when you visit. They will treat you kind and generosity when you are around. Although you might feel like a stranger if you are visiting for the first time, getting to know them will make you feel at home. And, you will be glad to learn about a new culture. If you are lucky enough, you might learn even a new language of Vietnamese.


Beaches are often the main tourist attraction in most countries. Visitors not only want to relax at the beach with friends, but also they want to feel the zephyr that springs from the waters opposite the beaches.  Vietnam often has the best sandy beaches. These make the country not only a popular place to visit but also the best place to have fun with friends and families. Unlike Thailand that boasts of white sand and clean water, Vietnam has the best beaches, which not only make the best tourist spots for the locals, but also for the visitors.

The beaches in this country are visited not only frequently, but also have become places of spending special moments for many. If you will not create special memories after visiting Vietnam, then it will be most likely that your Vietnam travel. NhaTrang&Mui Ne beaches get a lot of attention. Doc Let beaches are real treasure to many. Con Dao and PhuQuock are among the most beautiful islands, so you cannot afford coming to this place at all. 

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