Turn Your Android Tablet Into Your Travel Agent

Turn Your Android Tablet Into Your Travel Agent

Travel agents are wonderful. They’re full of knowledge about your destination, they know about the best deals on flights and hotels, and they can share all manner of little secrets about attractions off the beaten track. Unfortunately, in most cases you can’t take your travel agent on vacation with you! Fortunately, you can take your Android tablet – it’s the next best thing!

Travel apps for the Android tablet are varied and plentiful, and can help you out with general assistance and insider local knowledge from the moment you arrive right through to your departure. Need a map? No problem! Want to book a restaurant? Go ahead! Need to know where the best beaches are? Easy! And best of all, with a little bit of advance planning, you don’t even need a wifi connection at your destination!

Starting off, you arrive at your destination and perhaps pick up a hire car. Don’t pay extra for satellite navigation! This can cost up to $20 per day extra and it’s not needed if you’ve got an Android tablet. Download a navigation app and the relevant maps at home in advance, then all you need is a GPS signal and you’ll have no trouble getting to your hotel. Navigation apps are also brilliant for when you’re lost in a new city.

Once you’ve made it to your hotel, you fancy a bite to eat. Some apps for your Android tablet download all the information you need in advance, so you can search for local eateries, look at menus and read customer reviews without needing a wifi connection, which means you’ll be able to browse this information on the airplane, too. If you do have a data connection, you’ll be able to book a table from your Android tablet – no need to pick up the phone.

Electronic guidebooks mean you’ve got all the information you could need at your fingertips. Via your Android tablet, you can find out what time the theme park opens, you can find out where to park your car near to the theater, and you can find out how much it costs to visit the local museum. Again, download the data at home and you won’t even need to connect to the internet, which can save a lot of time and a lot of money.

At the end of your trip, you’ll probably be thinking about your flight home. Download a flight tracker app for your Android tablet and there will be no nasty surprises when you get to the airport. If your flight is delayed, you’ll know about it. You can also check local traffic to make sure you avoid any jams on the way.

If you’re thinking it’s not worth taking your Android tablet on vacation if you’re not going to have a data connection, think again! More and more ‘offline apps’ are being published, making taking a trip a piece of cake. No more aimless wandering looking lost, you’ll seem like a true local!