Travelling with the iPad2- The Perfect Travel Computer

Travelling with the iPad2- The Perfect Travel Computer

Since we live in this generation where mobile devices are a must-have especially for people who love the outdoors, allow me to share with you the perfect gadget to go with your very outgoing lifestyle- the iPad 2! It’s a tablet device made by the company Apple, which is so portable to bring with take with you everywhere you go and I’m sure that you will never get lost as long as you have it.

Seriously, this thing has got EVERYTHING on it. From music to films, from GPS to office works; the iPad2 covers all the necessities of your routine life including your travel lifestyle.

I recommend it better than buying a laptop for so many reasons. One of my rules when it comes to traveling is to do it lightly and the iPad2 has definitely abided on that rule. You don’t need to bring a bulky computer with you and worry about connecting to the internet especially if you buy the iPad2 3G. Although the one with just the Wi-Fi is already quite satisfying but can be hard to get online if you can’t find a hot spot.

It’s literally a computer on a flat tablet where you can simply slide your fingers on its screen just to use all the features that it has. Buying the iPad2 3G 64 GB is almost buying a laptop without worrying about the heaviness of carrying it with you. Get thousands of songs downloaded to it and watch as many movies as you want especially when you’re on the plane! You will have no reason to be bored with this gadget.

Another thing why it’s a must-have for every traveler is its built-in camera. You can document your travel with its HD video camera. That’s right, it’s HD! Capture all the photos that you want wherever you are in the world and you can share it straightly to your Facebook and Twitter account.

For the videos, you can even edit them and create something that looks like it was done by a professional post-production film company in Hollywood with the app called iMovie. Create a video diary and again, have it shared straightly to YouTube for your friends and family to see.

Now for all musicians especially the touring ones and those who are making music for a living, this gadget is what I would want to call your bestfriend! You can record and lay-in your music whenever inspiration strikes in and have them sound like a professional demo using the Garage Band app.

In case you are wondering if you can create formal documents using your iPad 2 then the answer is YES! You can definitely create a WORD document and even a presentation if you are businessman and you want to use it for your company meeting.

There are thousands of apps waiting for you to download when it comes to games, utilities, productivity, music and many others that suits your lifestyle. The great thing about it is that most of the apps that you can download are actually available for free! Some could cost a few pounds but I bet that they are all totally worth it like the Angry Birds series! Try the NinJump App for iPad2 if you’re trying to kill time because of a delayed flight.

The iPad2 is so cool when it comes to its design. Knowing the company Apple, they really are known for releasing such good-looking gadgets that are not just efficient. Buying this one is such a packaged deal from its usability to its slick design. This is the kind of tablet that you won’t get embarrassed to bring out of your bag even after 10 years from now. This one is the epitome of cool and that’s just understating it.

When it comes to the price, I’d have to say that it’s all worth it and is a lot more affordable than buying a laptop if you intend to bring a computer for travel. So I urge you today to go to your nearest Apple store and inquire from their Mac geniuses if they have the iPad2 in stock! Thank you Steve Jobs!