Top Five Things to Do in Cyprus

Top Five Things to Do in Cyprus

There are very few tourist locations in the world that offer such a wide range of things to see and do than the Mediterranean island paradise of Cyprus.  You will be stunned at the amount of activities that are available for everyone, young and old, to participate in and enjoy.

Pretend to be Indiana Jones

The Kato Paphos Archaeological Park is a great location for you to explore and enables you to truly feel like Indiana Jones instead of simply a mild-mannered tourist on holiday.  For the bargain price of £3 you can walk around the park all you want, and enjoy an experience of imagining what life would have been like in ancient Cyprus.

Enjoy A Taste Of Cyprus

By embarking on a Cyprus Taste Tour, you are able to combine entertainment with eating.  These tours will allow you to enjoy all sorts of local delicacies in a safe and supportive environment.  This is the best way to enjoy the best of the island culture in Cyprus and enjoy some great food while you do it.  Cyprus Taste Tours will take you to several tasting sessions in Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol so you can sample all the specialty dishes that the locals love.

Go For a Long Hike

The Aphrodite Trail is a 7km long path that follows the coastline of Cyprus, and is a great way to see places that you otherwise might never have explored or even discovered.  The best part is you don’t have to be an outdoors or climbing expert to enjoy this beautiful trail, but you should certainly have a good pair of boots with you.  Remember your camera too as the views are amazing.

Relax On a Beautiful Beach

Located in Ayia Napa, Nissi Beach is a stunning place to relax at the end of a long day exploring Cyprus.  The water is a deep and beautiful blue and the sands are soft and glistening.  Nissi Beach is a great place to escape from all the distractions of the hectic, modern world that we live in.  Rent a chair, take in the sun and relax in the stunning natural beauty. You never know, you may even see some of the famous sea turtles that call the waters off Cyprus home come up on the beach to say hello!

Waterworld Water Park

Also located in Ayia Napa, is Waterworld, an exciting Greek-themed water park.  While not the largest water park in the world, it is certainly not small.  There are a large variety of rides, water slides and other fun to be had at Waterword.  There are even cafes, gift shops, and an ice cream parlor to enjoy.  In the center of the park is a large pool called the Poseidon Waves.  Every hour a horn will sound, followed by waves.  The entire family will enjoy this great attraction and it is certainly a terrific way to spend almost an entire day in Cyprus.  Just make sure that you have a strong, waterproof sunscreen with you before you go!

If you are planning on visiting Cyprus, why not look into renting one of the many beach villas?  Cyprus villa holidays are sure to be fun for the whole family and definitely provide a much better experience than any hotel could.