Top 3 ideal trekking tour around Sapa

Today, we will introduce to you top 3 ideal trekking around sapa vietnam tour in order to experience the most beautiful sightseeings, nature and the local life in Sapa.

 trekking tour around Sapa

trekking tour around Sapa

1. Ta Van, Ta Phin Village:

Most packbacker to Sapa think that if really discovering all of Sapa, you have to trekking to the forest, and spending a night to learn the real life of local people such as H’mong, Dao, Giay,…. There are many tours for visitor would like to trekking such as Ta Van tour in 3 days, 2 nights or Ta Van – Ta Phin tour with 5 days, 4 nights…. In these tours, you will go through the bamboo forest, the moutains,… It’s interesting memories you’ve never forgot.

Tips: You can buy trekking around sapa from hotels which you stay, those hotels has got a tourist guide, most them are Hmong people.

2. Hoang Lien Son National Park:

This is a challenger for visitors want to explore Hoang Lien Son National Park, because it is located in a highest moutain in Vietnam (Fansipan moutain). On the way trekking to the peak, the visitors will be interested in fascinating animal of national park and life of local people, beside you will discover sone rare plants which you’ve never seen before.

3. Go to the peak of Fansipan:

Fansipan is a popular moutain you should go if travelling to Sapa, in order to go to the peak of Fansipan, visitors have to spend 3 – 5 days, on this day, visitors can camp to explore the nature and wildlife in Sapa. If this is first time you go to the peak of Sapa, best to go to with 3 – 5 friends or you can buy trekking around sapa  from travel agency to be guided.