Top 10 happiest countries

Top 10 happiest countries

Which country in the world where people are the happiest ? Each year, large institutions and magazines develop a classification according to different criteria : wealth per inhabitant, security , liberty, health and scenic beauty . While many of the top 10 countries are part of Europe, need to seek France which does not appear in this ranking! So fasten your seatbelts , and focus on the destinations where people are happy!

1 . Costa Rica : The Latin happiness

Sun , long life and protected environment, these are the terms that could define Costa Rica. Located in Central America, this small country have many advantages that make it a pleasant territory : a prosperous economy through agriculture and tourism, environmental performance and an unparalleled quality of life.

2 . Iceland : the simple happiness

No doubt, the cold and keeps countries with the least resources have the happiest people ! This is the case of Iceland. With 10 % of its territory consists of a glacier and economy based on fishing , this Nordic countries shows that the simplicity of everyday life is a criterion to be happy.

3 . Switzerland : to live happily , stay neutral !

Not surprisingly, the countries of the European neutrality is one of those nations where life is good . In addition, Geneva is the city where quality of life is better with an unemployment rate below 4% and a wealth came from foreign investors. Land of mountains and peaks , its air quality make it a serene country.

4 . Denmark : an enviable royalty

Historically, the land of the Vikings has an excellent economic health , a stable and a warm and modern society royal policy . Its very high human development through cultural spending contributes to the feeling of happiness that Scandinavian countries.

5. Sweden : a serene territory

Think again , Sweden is not only the land of Ikea furniture ! With a level and quality of life (as well as the most beautiful women in the world) , this Scandinavian country is part of the most popular and the most envied country . Its economy is based upon its abundant natural resources and various industrial activities . The pleasant landscapes are also a country where the population is most happy.

6 . Norway : The land of happiness

Queen of happiness , Norway is the kingdom of Mother Nature . Unlike its Scandinavian neighbors , the population does not mean change his lifestyle in search of industrial discoveries . Despite the discovery of oil deposits in its territory Norway rejects any economic competition. This is perhaps why its population living in harmony with nature, is the most serene in the world!

7 . Australia : Paradise end of the world

For years , the land of kangaroos has a status incomparable quality of life reputation. More freedoms modeled on the Anglo-Saxon model (the country is part of the Commonwealth countries) , Australia has stunning scenery, between spaces and dream beach . In addition to its young population, considered a real asset , Australia is regarded as a friendly and festive land where life is good

8 . Canada : haven

With its wide open spaces and professional opportunities , Canada is considered a safe haven , fertile in all views . Thanks to the friendliness of its people , its cultural and economic wealth of the world ‘s known landscapes, the country caribou and maple syrup made figure haven. No wonder the life expectancy is 81 years!

9 . Finland : a lifestyle coveted

Why the Finns are they so happy? Because they spend most of their free time in the heart of nature , surrounded by lakes, marshes and forests, with the important natural resources , life Finland almost self-sufficient and its school system is considered best in the world . Third Scandinavian countries among the top 10 , Finland shows that low temperatures do not play any of the moral !

10 . United Arab Emirates : the land of a thousand and one nights

Despite their recent development due to oil deposits , the UAE has succeeded in developing an important happiness capital over the past decade . Cities of superlatives ( tallest towers , the largest malls … ) the standard of living of UAE is spectacular. Their openness to the Western world is also an advantage that allowed them to develop an economy through tourism. An enviable quality of life of all Westerners who do not hesitate to expatriate .