Tipping in Vietnam for a tour guide

How much the tip for tour guide in Vietnam

In all trips to Vietnam, the tips are at your expense and Tips in Vietnam for guides and porters, drivers are required.

CAUTION: It is recommended not to give too thin tips (in Vietnam, it is better to do nothing than to give a small  sum that could offend those who receive).

Suggestions for the sum 

for a trekking guide in North Vietnam or cultural guide: USD 10 / day

for a driver: USD 5 / day

For a carrier: USD 5 / day

These people are at your disposal throughout your trip and they also expect you to doing the best for your satisfaction.

Why this amount?

If your tour are private.  For private tours ( 2 to 4 people per  group ) the guide can receive at least 10 USD / day based on customer satisfaction.

It is a guide. The guide is both the organizer of the tour, translator, giving explanations, presenting the history and culture of his country. Working as a guide is specific, as it require a long study and large  General Knowledge Base.

The working timing is huge, from 06:00 am to 23:00 at night, sometimes more.

These guides leave home for a week, 15 days or 3 weeks depending on the tour

Customer satisfaction

They are working for customer satisfaction. They become friends.

So, is that it’s much?

But we will let you judge! And do not hesitate to comment on this post!

So I give you this number: for a group of 2 to 4 people, it takes from 5-10 USD / DAY minimum.

Little calculation: 8 ~ 10 us dollars euros

8 euros: 4 = 2 euros
€ 2 per day per person.

For these small groups (2-4 people), the guide does not receive commissions.