Three of my favourite travel bloggers

Three of my favourite travel bloggers

The thing about travel blogging is that virtually everyone can do it. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone do it well (note that I’m not including myself among those that do it well – I still have much to learn). I read a good deal of travel blogs before starting this site – from digital nomads to budget travel and endless RTW adventures. All of them inspired me in some way (both in travel and blogging), but a few of them stood out. If you haven’t already seen them, you should check out the three of my favourite travel bloggers below.


Run by Nora Dunn, who sold her financial planning practice in the mid-2000s and went to see the world. As you can probably guess, her finance background is great for providing advice on funding your journeys. She has a fantastic newsletter that I highly recommend signing up for.


Earl left for a three-month trip to Asia in 1999. He’s still going (that’s coming up 14 years!) He’s picked up some amazing tips and stories along the way, and his site offers a great resource for those planning their trips. What I find great about Wandering Earl’s site, however is it serves as a real inspiration for anyone who wants to travel for extended periods. It is possible to do so without winning the lottery or having billionaire parents, as Earl’s 4,800 days on the road attest.


Samuel left Canada right after university and started travelling and teaching English in Asia. He’s been travelling for six years, and his website is full of quirky tales and amazing photos. He has some great photo essays and a really helpful advice section – especially good for those of you who want to get into travel photography or teaching ESL.


Three travel bloggers that you should definitely check out! I plan to do a follow-up post in the near future with a few more sites I enjoy, so stay tuned for more blogging goodness.

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