Thredbo Enough Room for Everyone

When a small village has nearly ten times as many beds as it has residents, it says something about the village’s tourist industry. Thredbo, a village of just 400 plus, has over 4000 beds. Even that is not nearly enough to accommodate the estimated 700,000 skiers and snowboarders who flock to Thredbo each year during the snow season.

When ski season comes around during the Southern Hemisphere winter, ski and snowboard lovers check out the snow conditions at Thredbo first. With over fifty runs, including Australia’s steepest and longest, Thredbo has enough slopes to challenge even the most experienced skiers and snowboarders. The longest descent threads together several shorter runs for a continuous run of 3 miles (6kms). The most challenging run, Funnel Web is for experts only and includes one death-defying near vertical section.

If Thredbo has one thing going against it, it would be the low altitude of the village. Not to be undone by nature, the resort made the Southern Hemisphere’s largest investment in snowmaking equipment. Not only that, they put together a series of specially designed slopes and parks, including one for toddlers and another where advanced boarders and skiers can work on their tricks.

While the majority of Thredbo’s visitors come in the winter months, summertime is also busy, and increasingly so. Those looking for a summer adrenaline rush find it at Thredbo’s world class mountain bike trails, many of which are a challenge even for professional cyclists.

Thredbo’s Cannonball Run is perhaps its most world-renowned mountain bike track. It begins at Eagle’s Nest and is accessed by the Kosciusko Express Quad lift. While getting to the top is easy, the 2 mile (4.2km) run is challenging even for experts, dropping nearly 2000 feet (600 metres) and including tricky switchbacks and other obstacles on its winding single track trails.

Mountain biking in and around Thredbo is not just for experts and thrill seekers. If you love to ride cross country on gently sloping trails, an ideal way to do so is to take one of the many mountain bike tracks that link Thredbo with its neighbouring villages. If getting lost in the woods is more your style, there are great fire trails and other bike routes that can take you deeply into Kosciusko National Park.

If you like “bushwalking”, as Aussie’s call hiking, you will find one of Australia’s classic one day hikes in Thredbo. You can make it from the base of Mount Kosciusko to its summit and back in just 4 to 6 hours. Most hikers make a day of it and start early, so they can enjoy every beautiful step of the journey.

Booking your Snowy Mountains accommodation ahead of time is a must in the winter and is becoming more of a necessity even in the summertime. Definitely reserve a room ahead of time if you want to be sure to get the accommodation you want. Thredbo caters to everyone. If you’re a “shredder” up on the mountain for a weekend of snowboarding, stay in a comfortable backpackers lodge. If you’re looking for luxury, Thredbo has that as well, in sumptuous 5 star resorts.