Thoi Son Island

Thoi Son Island – one of four famous islands of Tien Giang Province, the fruit basket of Viet Nam, is located at the Chau Thanh District of Tien Giang Province. The island has tropical climate, with the warm and pleasant weather all year around, so you can visit Thoi Son at anytime you want.

Tien Giang Province

Tien Giang Province

Long time ago, everyone comes to ecological tourism, visitors often think to Thoi Son Island. If you boat to the island from My Tho City along the Mekong river, you will see two sides of the river are covered with cypress trees, coconut water trees or many luxuriant orchards. It is nice to visit the island with lush orchards, and have the opportunity to taste delicious fresh fruit such as plums, mangoes, longans, durians, oranges, bananas, star-apples, rambutans…. The special tropical fruits of this fertile land.

Another attractions of Thoi Son Island is the ecological tourism, where have a wide range of activities for you to enjoy. You can arrange cruise along Mekong river or rent a small boat to pass through the winding narrow canals; listen traditional music is  performed by native singers, we call this genre is “ Don ca tai tu” or you can go around the village through the winding roads under the shape of many trees, if tired, you can take a rest at local houses and enjoy cups of flower tea or honey tea, prepared by the owners and enjoy some tropical fruits. Recently, they have many new tours, such as:

– Bail water in a pond out to catch fishes: you will be provided with rudimentary tools with made from bamboo such as: bamboo baskets, hand nets, fish baskets….and especially we also have a bucket to bail water out. When water in the pond has been bailed out, you can see many fishes in the pond bottom and you just catch them by your hands – a rare opportunity for people living in the city. After that, you can cook these fishes for your lunch.

– Stay overnight in a native house: you are arranged to stay at a native house so you can learn about a typical native life in this place. Generally, the native houses are roofed by coconut-water leaves to keep the house at a pleasant temperature, so the visitors are not feel uncomfortable. The people in here is very friendly, kind and clement. You can learn how to prepare traditional dishes from the hostess. I belive that it really is a new experience with you!

Come to Thoi Son Island, you will be visited the traditional handicraft villages such as: embroidery workshops; the place product the unique handicraft from coconut body; coconut candy workshops; bee farm….You can buy many souvenirs from these workshops for your friends, your family….

Nowaday, Thoi Son Island is under a project  that aims to protect its natural beauty to attract more tourists to the ecological tourism. If you want travel to Thoi Son Island, you can take a bus from Ho Chi Minh City to My Tho bus station, and boat toThoi Son Island easily.