Things to do in Bali with Kids

Things to do in Bali with Kids

Fun Things to do in Bali with your Children That You Shouldn’t Miss

Bali is nicknamed “Paradise Island,” but your kids might find it to be a playground. Indonesian culture values children, so there are plenty of things to do in Bali with your kids. If you’re looking for the vacation of a lifetime, or a chance to bring your family closer together, look no further than Bali. This unique island in Indonesia has incredible beaches, a vibrant and colorful culture, and plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained.

There are actually a lot things to do in Bali that you can enjoy with your Kids, but we have pick 4 things that you definitely should not miss. So if you’re thinking of taking your family and kids to Bali, here are some things to do in Bali to keep them happy, and make your stay in Bali an unforgettable trip for years to come:

Top Things to do in Bali with Kids

Have Fun in Waterbom. If your kids love water parks, then Waterbom, near Kuta, is the perfect place to spend a day. Waterbom is widely known as Bali’s best water park, and it’s easy to see why. This park is home to more than 17 water slides, and features world class commodities. Although your kids will have a blast, this park has leisure features that will satisfy all ages. This park is a virtual playground of slides, pools, and unique water features, and is surrounded by lush Balinese gardens.

Safari and Bali Bird Park

Safari and Bali Bird Park

Safari and Bali Bird Park. Love animals? Bali has amazing flora and fauna to see, and your kids will love the adventure of an all-day safari. You’ll see wild elephants, leopards, kimono dragons and even a rare Sumatran tiger in the Bali Safari and Marine Park. The park also features a marine section where you can swim with dolphins, or get to know some of the other marine creatures that inhabit the beautiful waters surrounding Bali. At the Bali Bird Park, your kids can walk through a sanctuary that features more than 1,000 birds of hundreds of species. You and your family can walk through the park’s giant aviaries, which replicate the look and feel of Balinese tropical jungle. You and your kids will be amazed at the beautiful birds you’ll see as they fly through the aviaries, going about their natural rituals of feeding, play, and love.

Swim in the Lagoon. The golden sands of Nusa Dua offer some of the most unique beaches in the world. You and your children can enjoy a day relaxing, swimming, or exploring the enormous lagoon of Nusa Dua. The water at the lagoon is perfectly safe for swimming, so you won’t need to worry about your kids swimming somewhere that isn’t safe or sterile. You and your kids can spend the day in the sunshine, and then enjoy a nice dinner at one of the luxury hotels nearby.

Get a Bird’s Eye View. At the Bali Treetop Adventure Park in Bedugul, you and your kids will love seeing the world from a bird’s perspective. This park provides plenty of fun activities in an open-air setting, which include seven adventure circuits through the treetops that range from two meters high to 20 meters. Have fun with flying swings, suspended bridges and zip lines, and spend the day swinging from the trees while learning about the environment and ecology of Bali.

And that is all things to do in Bali that we recommend for you to enjoy with your kids. There is no reason you cannot enjoy things that your kids enjoy. But how about you and your kids? Do you have your own favorite things to do in Bali with kids? Share with us and let other enjoy and learn alot from your experience in the comment below.