The Perfect 3 Day Itinerary to a Holiday in Prague

The Perfect 3 Day Itinerary to a Holiday in Prague

After years of communism, Prague has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe. Tourists from around the world visit the capital city of the Czech Republic to see the architectural remains of its exhilarating history amongst other interesting landmarks the city has to offer.

Visiting Prague can be overwhelming at first because of the large variety of beautiful places and things to do, so setting aside a couple of hours to research the place and come up with a good itinerary is highly recommended. The place has a lot to offer so rest assured that whatever your holiday requirements and expectations are, Prague will definitely be a memorable positive experience.

Suggested 3 Day Itinerary & Places of Interest

Before you hit the streets, you have to make sure that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Prague has a lot of historic sites but they are mostly separated by the Vltava River but if you want the best experience out of your visit, walking the extra mile will definitely be worth it.

If you are visiting Prague for a short break, say a weekend or a three day visit, you can start your trip at the Old Town Square. In this famous square, you can find Gothic spires in the Tyn Church, the beautiful astronomical Clock, and the city’s Old Town Hall tower. You can also ride a horse drawn carriage and roam around the busy streets, see the municipal houses, parks and many other spots of interest along the way.

After the Old Town Square, you can go straight away to the Jewish Quarter where the museums are. Do not forget to cross over the Charles Bridge during the night because of the magnificent view that it offers.

On your second day, you can start your tour at the Strahov Monastery and stop at Prague Loreto. Visit also the Prague Castle where you can have a perfect view of the city with its old churches and buildings. After your excursion in the castle area, take a walk in the heart of Lesser Town. There you can find the Prague’s Infant Jesus at the Our Lady of Victory Church, just a short walking distance from the Malostranské nám?stí, a street in Lesser Town. You can then spend the rest of your day in Kampa Island and enjoy the park and the view across the river.

On your last day in Prague you can slow down a bit the pace and soak in the city’s atmosphere at leisure doing one of these things which suit your taste best: for example a visit at the museum,  a leisurely stroll in the parks or gardens and of course some souvenir shopping. I believe that any trip should have at least one day to set the schedule you like since over-planning each and every hour of your holiday can ultimately backfire as much as not having any plans at all.

Where to Stay

There are actually plenty of hotels where you can stay in Prague.  However, if you prefer to be in a cheap yet exquisite hotel, you can make a reservation in Pension Brezina Prague. This hotel is located in the Nove Mestro neighbourhood where the Czech National Museum is located. You can also choose to be in Hotel DaVinci Wenceslas Square. This hotel is also nearby the Pension Brezina Prague where you can easily access the city’s different points of interest. Hotel Tyl can be your hotel of choice if you want to be located closer to the airport. This hotel is near the Peace Square, City Hall and Congress Centre.

What to Eat

The traditional food of Czech Republic is good for the heart as it usually contains big amount of meat, dumplings and potatoes. Although herbs and spices are often not used, you can still enjoy their sumptuous meals served at different cafeteria and restaurants.

Bramborák is a must-eat foodin Prague. This deep fried potato pancake with marjoram is a common delicacy for locals. You can taste the bramborák at several fast food stalls, cafes and even restaurants. You might also want to taste their Cocky, a traditional stewed green lentils with meat or Cesnecka, a meatless garlic soup or perhaps the Klobása , a tasty smoked sausage.

Prague is definitely one of the must-visit cities in Europe. With their rich culture, food and wonderful sites, Prague will be a place you will be coming back to.

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