The Entrance to the Central Coast

The Entrance is a strange sounding name for a city, but it suits this popular New South Wales Central Coast family vacation destination. The original name for the Entrance, “Karagi” means “entrance” in the language of the indigenous population who lived there prior to its settlement by Europeans in 1820, so in essence its name goes back thousands of years. The city and many Entrance accommodations are nestled between the Tasman Sea and Tuggerah Lake, just where the lake meets the sea.

The large numbers of pelicans who call the Entrance home have given it the nickname, “the Pelican Capital of Australia.” You can see them on the water and in the air at any time, but a great way to get “up close and personal” with these amazing birds is to go to the specially built ramp next to the Entrance Bridge at 3:30 any afternoon when its time for their daily feeding. A great way to while away a pleasant afternoon is to take a walk or leisurely bike ride around Tuggerah Lake before or after the pelican feeding. If you, like the pelicans, are feeling hungry, there are many little neighorhood grocery shops and cafes along the way. Get a “takeaway” snack and relax in the park or out on one of the jetty’s along the bike/pedestrian trail.

Central Coast
Central Coast

You could spend a lifetime exploring the many beaches near the Entrance and many locals do exactly that. If you want to spend the day at a great family beach with plenty of cafes and shops nearby, you’re already there. Or if you want to get away from it all, Just cross the Entrance Bridge. From North Entrance to Norah Head is one long, largely untouched 7 mile (12 km) beach the local surfers affectionately call Pelican Beach or Pelos for short.


If you really want to get to know the beaches surrounding the Entrance, just ask any of the local surfers for directions. They can tell you about a dozen or more great spots throughout the Central Coast. Some of them, like Terrigal and Avoca Beach, are popular tourist destinations, while others require a little effort to reach. They are well worth the effort of walking a few hundred yards down a cliffside staircase or path, though. Once you reach the beach, you feel like you are the first person to have discovered it.

The Entrance is perfect for a family vacation. It has a family atmosphere and is loaded with parks, playgrounds and family amusement centers. When you want to go to the beach, but want to avoid those with treacherous waves, you can choose between many sheltered coves. Blue Bay, for instance, is a favorite amongst the locals. It is sheltered from the waves by a reef and has a shallow sandy entrance into its crystal clear waters, making it ideal for a family with young children.

Think of the Entrance as your entrance to the New South Wales Central Coast family playground. If you want everyone in the family to have a great vacation, then the Entrance is the place to go. There are even a number of Central coast pet friendly accommodation options available so you can even bring your dogs with you on your next visit to the Central Coast.

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