The Choo Choo Barn

The Choo Choo Barn 

and the Shops of Traintown  – Review

Route 741 East, Box 130
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 687-7911

Now this is a really cool place! 

Choo Choo Barn

Choo Choo Barn

The Choo Choo Barn is an indoor miniature train exhibit that began 38 years ago and has been growing ever since.  The 1,700 square foot exhibit uses over 18 trains, miniature cars, houses, and scenes from the local area.  It is truly an amazing sight to see, and we walked around the exhibit three times and still saw new things each time we walked around.  The exhibit uses many animated parts to keep it interesting.  We watched planes fly overhead, skaters skate, a circus and even firefighters conquer a house fire.  It was very neat for us to see sights we’d actually seen during our visit to Lancaster County right before our eyes in miniature.  It’s very hard to describe just how incredible this display is, I can just tell you, “Go!”  It’s well worth both the time and money!  Anyone appreciating trains, or who knows someone who does, is sure to find something delightful either in their lobby gift shop, or in the numerous shops in their complex.  It’s truly a train lover’s dream come true!

Family Travel Reviews fully recommends The Choo Choo Barn as an excellent family-friendly attraction!


Date of Visit 10/09/01 Visitors Dani, Billy, Izzy, Lilly

Stroller Friendly?

Yes Parking Close, ample, free
Stroller Rentals? No Park Atmosphere Indoor miniature train exhibit
Time Allotment Thirty minutes or so Park Cleanliness Very clean
Admission Adults-$5.00, Children 5 to 12- $3.00, Children Under 5- FREE Souvenirs Many available in the lobby and adjoining shops

Overall Family-Friendly Rating: Excellent

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