The Best Ski Runs For Beginners In Austria

The Best Ski Runs For Beginners In Austria

Austria is one of the loveliest places on earth. From its skyscraping mountains to the beautiful flora and fauna of the little country, there is much to see and do in this charming region. When it comes to finding the best runs for beginner skiing in Austria, there are plenty of places to choose from. When the first heavy snow hits the mountains, the first places that people think of are the amazing snowy runs and slopes in Austria, particularly of Mt. Anton and Ischgl. These two prime places are usually decked out with fabulous festivals and activities during the snowy season. However, the snow remains the main attraction. Here are the top places to find the best runs for beginners in Austria:

1. St. Anton. Slopes? Check. Snow? Check. Great runs for skiers of all ages? Double check! The little town has come a long way from the days when the only place to eat in town was a cheap buffet and the ski slopes were little better than sliding down the steps of the city hall. It is now a popular resort town, drawing avid skiers from all over Europe. It does, however, have a long history of providing places to ski, and the Arlberg is one of the few regions in the world that can claim to be the birthplace of the modern ski technique. The World Ski Championships were held here in 2001. Today it is a great place for everyone to enjoy.

2. St. Christoph. Snow is always the theme at this winter time resort. The runs are strategically placed, providing a good place for beginners and pros alike to have their share of sliding down the mountain side. It was originally a waypoint for travellers coming through the Arlberg Mountains, but today it is a collection of hotels that cater to the avid skiers in the area.

3. Ischgl. It is perhaps the most famous skiing resort in Austria. It is quaint, classic and equipped with slopes and runs of every shape and size. Its runs in the Alps cannot be equaled, either in diversity or in beauty. They plan to build a stone staircase to the top of the mountain in the future, and they frequently hold rock concerts and festivals within the resort throughout the skiing season. The ski resort also crosses the border into Switzerland!

4. Serfaus. Serfaus may well be one of the hidden gems in Austria when it comes to skiing and snow sporting. The area is pretty much unknown to most of mainland Europe. It is the only ski resort in Austria that can boast about having an underground railway for the transportation of its resort guests! The ski resort is suitable for beginners, although professionals will probably enjoy the easy runs here, too.

5. Fiss. Fiss is a gorgeous village nestled at the base of the glaciers of the Alps. The scenery can’t be beat. It is one of the most beautiful places to lodge.

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