Storybook Land in Egg Harbor, NJ: Perfect for Families

Some family vacation spots have an uncanny and enduring way of keeping steadfast in one’s memory, and Storybook Land in Egg Harbor is one of them.

As a child my siblings and I went to the park with our parents many times.

What follows is a short summary of what visitors to Storybook Land can expect to find there as well as a personal, park memory and some travel tips.

Storybook Land in Egg Harbor
Storybook Land in Egg Harbor

Park Description

By its very nature Storybook Land is family friendly. All of the displays are geared towards young children and the landscape is clean, green and shaded with smooth, easy walking paths throughout.

There is also a tram that travels throughout the park as well for those visitors who wish to give their feet a bit of a rest.

The displays consist of a series of buildings and scenes straight out of a book of fairy tales. There is Old Mother Hubbard, Alice in Wonderland, Humpty Dumpty and others like Moby Dick.

As a small child visiting the park I was always deathly afraid of the Moby Dick display. For reasons known only to my childhood brain, I was convinced that it was going to actually swallow me and my family up forever.

Perhaps my inane fears had something to do with the fact that once you were inside it you could disappear by crawling out of the tail. This seemingly gave the appearance to the people standing at the whale’s mouth that the whale was eating people.

Whatever the reason behind my childhood fears, my parents would drag me kicking and screaming into the thing anyway. By my parents doing so, it would leave me sobbing and wailing for what I am sure seemed like an eternity to them. It wasn’t all bad though.

My favorite displays at the time were The Little Old Lady in the Shoe and the Crooked Little House. We had a blast climbing all over those displays.

In addition to the displays there are also a wide array of child friendly, amusement rides and snack bar areas including the Gingerbread House, the Dining Depot and the Caboose Café.

Beverages at any of the snack bars average from $1 to $4 each. The price of ice cream treats and small snacks range in price from less than $1 up to $5 per item.

Complete meals and individual entrée items such as hot dogs and hamburgers may also be purchased for anywhere from $3 to $14 per item.

Those families that want to save money by packing in their own picnic lunch may do so as long as the items carried in actually came from home and not some fast food restaurant.


As of early 2011 admission to Storybook Land is $21.95 per person over the age of one. Children less than two years of age are gratis.

Admission is inclusive of unlimited rides, access to all exhibits and the use of the picnic area.

Hours of Operation

Storybook Land is open from April through December with hours and days of operation varying by month. When the facility reopens for its 56th season in April 2011 it will maintain hours of operation on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm.

The hours and days of operation change often. As such, a full listing of the changes is available on the Storybook Land website.

Travel Tips

Cost conscious families should note that there are several days throughout Storybook Land’s operating season where select visitors may enjoy deep discounts off the regular admission price. Discounts during those time periods range anywhere from 25% to 50% off.

In 2011 those discounted days are slated for May 30th, June 27th through 29th, September 11th, November 28th, December 5th, December 12th and December 19th.

June 27th through 29th and the discount dates in November and December are available for the general public whereas the other two dates are not.

May 30th discounts are available to members of the military only. The September 11discount is only available to members of the military as well as the police department, Emergency Management Systems and the fire department.

In addition to the discounted admission days, there are also special event days that add extra value to one’s Storybook Land experience because access to them is usually included within the general admission price.

Examples of special events on tap for 2011 include an Easter Egg Hunt on April 23rd and 24th from noon until 4:00 pm and an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party on August 6th from noon until 2:00 pm.

Details about all of the discounted and special event days for 2011 are available on the Storybook Land website.

Additional Information

Those wishing to learn more about Storybook Land including details on how one can purchase advance tickets should log onto the facility’s website.

Would be visitors should also keep in mind that hours of operation, admission prices, park policies and exhibits are subject to change at any time and as such should be reconfirmed directly with the park staff prior to trip departure.

Storybook Land
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