Rouge Piment Vietnamese restaurant – Brussels

Rouge Piment serves vietnamese and thai cuisine. Located close to the Brussels Bourse, an area with a number of Vietnamese and Thai restaurants, Rouge Piment has been open for less than a year. We visited the restaurant using a discounted coupon good for a 4 course menu.

1.1 (1)
The interior was fairly new looking and quite nice actually.



Our 4 course menu began with a pineapple aperitif


Potage aux raviolis Wantan
2.3 (1)

Potage de scampis à la citronnelle



Batonnets de canne à sucre aux langoustines

Calamars grillés piquants



Scampis sautés aux légumes

2.6 (1)

Canard au basilic et piments

Beignets d’ananas

2.8 (1)

Beignets de banane


From our previous experiences with discounted coupons, we were expecting below par food quality and service and smaller portions. Rouge Piment was such a pleasant surprise. The four course menu we had was actually the same offered in their printed menu, and we were offered 3 options for each course. From the aperitif to the dessert, everything was beautifully presented. One improvement we’d suggest, however, would be to cut down on their use of fish sauce, which left a strong glutamate aftertaste.

This restaurant was a nice discovery and we’ll happily be back.

Rouge Piment
Restaurant vietnamien – thai
Rue Auguste Orts 6, Bruxelles 1000


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