Price of visa to Vietnam

How much does cost the Vietnam Visa?

The price of visas for Vietnam is increased from 1 January 2013,The single entryvisa will, next year, U.S. $ 25 (€ 20) to $ 45 (35 €) for foreigners. The price ofmultiple-entry visa will be $ 65 for a period of less than a month, 95 dollars for a period of one to six months, and $ 135 for a period exceeding six months. Previously, only 50 usd for a multiple visa less than 6 months and 100 usd forperiods longer than 6 months.

Other useful information on Vietnam Visa for you:

– The application of visa at the Embassy of Vietnam can be done  in your country.But you also have the opportunity to apply for a visa at Vietnam internationalairport arrival, after obtaining a letter of provisional authorization.

– There are two types of visas: single visa, valid for a single entry entry into the country, and multiple-entry visa, valid in case you are asked during a single trip to move the position of borders more than once.

– The expiration date of the foreigner passport should not be less than 6 months from the date of expiry of the visa or residence in Vietnam.

Visa Up On Arrival  Fees Table


Visa typesNo de passagersNormal – 5 daysUrgent – 1 dayStamp fee
Visa Vietnam for 1 entry
One entry one month1$9$25$25
Visa witn multiples entries in 1 month
Multiple – 1 month1$25$35$50 
Visa of  3 months
Visa of  3 monthsOne entrie$30$45$25
Multiple entries$50$65$50