North Vietnam – exploring and traveling the beautiful country

North Vietnam Map

North Vietnam Map

Vietnam is a beautiful country famous for its rich heritage, natural beauty, and bustling cities. It is uniquely exotic and people visit the country for this very reason. The lovely coastal cities, high and beautiful mountainous zones, historical sites are welcoming and breathtaking. The northern region of the country is beautiful and known for its distinct winter and summer seasons. The beauty of the mountainous zones, the beautiful city of Hanoi, sailing in the Halong Bay are all just some of the many reasons why going to North Vietnam is such a treat for any traveler.

Hanoi is located in North Vietnam and is situated in the Vietnam’s Red River delta which is nearly 90 km away from the coast. You can observe three different types of terrain in the city – the delta area, the midland area, and the mountainous area. The hills and the mountain zones are located in the northern and the western parts of the city with the highest peak which is 1281 meters high at Ba Vi (western part of Hanoi). Hanoi’s French Quarter is a popular tourist destination where you can appreciate the wide open streets and majestic buildings. The city is famous for its thousands of colonial era buildings and over two dozen lakes. It is one of the very few tourist destinations in Asia that have retained their historic charm and still expanded into a modern realm. Get lost in the natural beauty and take time to appreciate the developments to enjoy this place. Also known as the “Paris of Asia”, the north Vietnam city’s appearance and architecture definitely lives up to its name.

When traveling the northern region of Vietnam, it is a sin to not trek in Sapa and admire the adventurous virtues of the activity and terrain. Hikers and adventure seekers just cannot miss this beautiful hill station. Sapa was established as a hill station by the French in 1922 and even today, it serves as a tourism center with spectacular scenic beauty and lovely hill tribe villages. The lush fields of rice are beautiful and charming. The rural world of this place is in total contrast with the modern beauty of Hanoi and equally beautiful and attractive. Immerse yourself in the distinct culture and natural beauty of the place.

The Halong Bay was designated as a World Heritage site in the year 1994 and is known for its lush and enthreal beauty. The word “Halong” translates to “where the dragon descends into the sea” and has an enthralling legend associated with it. It is spectacularly scenic with its lovely scatter of numerous small and large islands and the Halong City. In fact, it is considered as the top tourism hub of north Vietnam. The best time to visit this beautiful region is November because it is less crowded with a clear weather. However, the peak season for tourists has been observed between late May and early August.