Mystique Dining

1410 S. Entertainment Ave.
Boise, ID 83709
(208) 375 2141

Whether you are looking for a great meal, a fabulous evening out, or perhaps a way to celebrate a special occasion in or around the Boise, ID area, look no further than Mystique Dining. We’ve celebrated two different special occasions at Mystique, and have also recently enjoyed a third evening out at Mystique Dining. It’s certainly my daughters favorite place to celebrate all of her special occasions. Dare we ask how she might want to celebrate just about anything, Mystique DiningĀ is going to be her answer.

Your evening at Mystique will begin with an expertly prepared five-course meal consisting of an appetizer, salad, palate cleanser, entree and desert. My tastes are pretty simple, so I’ve ordered the Prime Rib on each of my visits. But as I look around the table at the meals of other guests, and sample the plates that my more adventerous wife has ordered, all of the menu choices are quite excellent. Oh, and the cheese cake? Well, I’ve never really been a fan of cheese cake; but I must say that I enjoyed it completely on each of my visits. It’s just that good.

While it’s hard enough to make a single choice from their most excellent menu, choosing your magician is a more daunting task. They’re all excellent, and you’ll be forced to choose just one of them for your special evening.

On our first visit we enjoyed the magic of Farrell Dillon, and I imagine that he is easily the best of the best for the small children in your family. My daughter is 8, and she was completely enamored by his performance. Mr. Dillon was excellent not only at including her in his show, but also with the opportunities for photo’s and social interactions after the show. I can’t recommend him enough. His personality is infectious and you are certain to remember your time with him for a very long time indeed.

Our first visit to Mystique was a surprise for all of my daughter’s hard work in achieving the rank of !st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. Our second visit came to be when she asked me what she could have if she brought three gold medals home from a tournament in Salt Lake City. I asked her what she wanted, and she very quickly chose Mystique. Afterwhich she went to Salt Lake and proceeded to bring home five medals.

We allowed our daughter to pick which magician she wanted to see for her special evening out and she chose Andrew Goldenhersh. Unfortunately, a scheduling error on the part of Mystique resulted in us being unable to see Mr. Goldenhersh that evening as he was more than 800 miles away celebrating his birthday with his family. And as talented as he is, he wasn’t able to be in both places at once. My daughter was quick to point out that “Mom, this is not the right magician” as she walked past the poster outside the dining chamber to be seated for dinner. We didn’t want to fuss since there was obviously enough confusion going on at that moment and chose to quietly enjoy the evening anyway.

So Joe Skilton became the magician for our second visit to Mystique, and while we very much enjoyed his show, he’s not quite as good with the kids as the other magicians; and my daughter noticed. Some of his tricks were duplicates of what we enjoyed in Mr. Dillons show, albeit with his own special twists and personalty; while others were completely different, and I must say, AMAZING. I actually witnessed a deck of plain white cards transform themselves into a deck of “regular” playing cards right before my eyes. I tell you, I saw them change colors while I was looking directly at them. It still boggles my mind.

Even after the show, my daughter was kinda upset about not seeing the magician that she had chosen for herself, so the next day we shared her story with the management at Mystique, and by doing so, also with Andrew Goldenhersh. Her story touched the hearts of those that heard it and we were invited back to see the magic of Mr. Goldenhersh on another evening of our choosing.

Andrew Goldenhersh is very good at including everyone in the show, and was hands down the best at including my daughter. It’s easy to think that she got special treatment because of our history, but it certainly didn’t feel that way. And you can’t fake the chemistry he had with her throughout the show. I mean seriously, there were times when he was laughing as hard as she was. And she later confided in us that Mr. Goldenhersh was definitely “the best” (as in, her favorite) of the three magicians that she’s seen at Mystique. Our daughter was completely gobsmacked by Mr. Goldenhersh’s performance.

I offer my sincere thanks to Mystique Dining and Andrew Goldenhersh; not only for their outstanding hospitality and willingness to make a little girl happy, but also for delivering on what might be considered a very expensive evening out if it weren’t for the perfection demonstrated at every level of service. From the chef’s to the wait-staff, and most certainly the amazing magicians I’ve seen at Mystique, Bravo!