Motorcycle Tours

There has been a rise in the number of holidaymakers who are looking for more of a hands-on, thrill seeking holiday experience. For some a motorcycle tour may just be the ticket!

The idea of a motorcycle tour is that you ride as part of small convoy either through just one country or through numerous countries. For example, some trip operators offer tours across America along the historic and famous Route 66. Whereas others offer scenic tours of Eastern Europe, encompassing many countries.

There’s a lot of variety out there in terms of where you can go, and many tour operators will also offer tailor made tours to suit people with differing levels of motorcycle experience. So there is really something for everyone.

Usually when booking a motorcycle holiday, you will typically be given two options: Guided or Self-Guided. With the guided tours, a tour guide will ride along with you, navigating and showing you the sites. However, if you like to explore on your own you can go for the self guided option, whereby, the tour operator will tell you where to start from and where to finish, and you follow your own route and set your own pace to the destination.

Prices for holidays such these will typically be a lot more than traditional holidays, due to the fact that tour operator, will include in their ticket price the cost of flights, accommodation and motorcycle hire, as well meals and navigation systems. Also additional costs will boost the ticket price, costs such as breakdown cover, fuel and maintenance will add to your final costs.

However, if you do own your own bike, you can make a cost saving, if you have your motorbike shipped to you at your starting point. Using shipping websites like uShip to find a motorcycle transporter, can save you the cost of having to hire a motorbike with the tour operator. By taking your bike with you, you have the added benefit of being used to it, and as such you can have a comfortable and safe holiday.