Maldives Dreaming for Your Next Beach Vacation

When you’re dreaming of your next beach vacation, turn those dreams to the Maldives.  The Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean south of India and southwest of Sri Lanka.  It’s the smallest of the Asian countries in terms of population and boasts spectacular beaches.

What’s there to do there?

Tourism plays a key part of the economy, and you’ll find luxurious resorts in a beautiful setting.  A typical resort is situated on a private lagoon, and sometimes even on a private island.  Accommodations are often a cottage on stilts out over the water or on the edge of a sandy beach.

Despite the burgeoning tourism economy, the government is attempting to protect the delicate balance of nature by promoting eco-tourism and enacting laws that protect the natural flora and fauna of the country.

Maldives Dreaming for Your Next Beach Vacation
Maldives Dreaming for Your Next Beach Vacation

Daily Maldives activities are centered around the beach and water, and you’ll find the typical options of swimming, fishing, snorkeling, windsurfing and diving.  In fact, Maldives is a highly ranked diving destination.

And the water?  The most beautiful shade of azure blue that most of us see only on television.  It’s easy to be jealous of those who see it every day.

This isn’t an easy beach destination.  They’re in a rather remote location, and it will take a day or so for most travelers to get there.  As a result, it’s become somewhat of an exclusive destination, with beautiful private resorts and private islands.  These resorts hire local workers, but those workers don’t live on the island.  This creates a big socio-economic divide of the “haves” and the “have nots.”

This is not to say that the Maldives aren’t a worthwhile destination.  You just need to be aware of the situation and know that you can compartmentalize and deal with it  With a little luck, the tourism dollars can help make the chasm a little less wide.

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