Love Boots, nice gift for Valentine’s Day

“He got you boots? For Valentine’s Day ?” proclaimed my not so free-spirited, high-maintenance friends who have forgotten how to enjoy all they have. I just chalk it up to not having an appreciation for including some footloose and fancy-free time into their extremely predictable schedules, and their lives in general.

The significance of getting a pair of motorcycle boots for Valentine’s Day, meant days ahead of being together, alone, on long adventures, for no one else to share…after-all, there is no room! Sure, he had the bike already, and I had make-do boots (thin dress leathers with soles allowing the vibration of the pegs to numb my feet after awhile), but, getting real riding paraphernalia meant we have a future together. No guy, is going to outfit his girl, to ride on some other guy’s bike…EVER!

Those closed-minded friends, who turned their noses up at my cherished gift, also have no appreciation for the thought going into this particular gift selection, which also is very meaningful. To begin with, my “love boots” are absolutely what I would have picked if I was by his side at the store (we are talking about shoes here…how many guys can do that?) and, they even fit, perfectly! Think about any romantic gift you have either given or received. How many times have you used it? For how long? Do you still have it? And, even more importantly, do you still enjoy it with the one it was intended for?

Now, for what actually happens once the boots are on, and ummmm, we are on the bike, and it is ummmm, moving, on the road; we are each other’s everything at this point. I am his navigator and he is my safety and security, and, we get to pretty much spoon for hours on end.

We have gone on countless, unforgettable, magnificent scenic rides, with a picnic lunch, parked, and then wandered off through the woods to places it seems as if no human has ever been before. These secluded spots we find, then give us the opportunity to be young at heart and in love as we set-up our little rendezvous with the warm afternoon sun and crisp air giving all the ambiance missing from the Valentine’s Day, months ago, when there was over 2 feet of snow on the ground and I first opened up my “He got you boots? For Valentine’s Day?” gift.