Living the vegetarian life in Barcelona

Living the vegetarian life in Barcelona

Spain is known as a country that lives on their numerous of different fishes and fresh fruits. The menu´s in the restaurants are full of dishes from this healthy Mediterranean cuisine. In the city centre there are many fast food restaurants, but if you have a look into the smaller streets you can find great Spanish restaurants serving the most delicious vegetarian dishes. Barcelona is a great city for vegetarians to visit and have a delicious vegetarian meal. But where to find these restaurants?

Sesamo, a restaurant that serve impressive dishes and has a stylish design. The quality of the food is very high and examples of dishes are truffle tortellini and pumpkin risotto. This restaurant is recommended by many of the visitors to both vegetarians as non-vegetarians. The price of a menu which changes frequently varies from 12.5 to 15 Euros.

Furthermore, an excellent option for a vegetarian dinner is at L´Atzavara. This restaurant is located in Eixample and serves a large assortment of vegetables. The service is perceived as good and qualitative food is served. A chocolate factory in the Borne district is turned into a popular vegetarian restaurant. La Báscula has a wide range of veggie offerings and this restaurant has a menu that changes on a daily basis. They also offer different flavours in smoothies, milkshakes, teas and other drinks. The daily changing menu and wide range in drinks makes it possible to enjoy this restaurant several times during your stay in Barcelona. La Básclua has a very nice location and a charming atmosphere and is located at Carrer Flassaders 30.

Finally, one of the most legendary vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: L´Hortet. Located in el Raval, this restaurant has been offering vegetarian dished over 20 years now and they do that with attentive and friendly service. Simple meals are served but the quality of the ingredients makes the dish special. When visiting this restaurant during dinner time it is recommended to reserve a table.
When looking for more information about vegetarian recipes, recommendations, articles and other useful links the website might be very useful.

This article was written by Sanne, a travel writer, who knows all about Barcelona accommodation and properties in Spain.