Let’s drink Bia Hoi like real local

 Bia Hoi ?

Bia Hoi

Again the hot summer is back in the north of Vietnam – You are going to drink alot in this season ! But here in Vietnam , don’t worry, friends – You drink many things, for cheap price – But Cheap Price doesn’t mean CRAP . In Hanoi, paticularly, and in the North of Vietnam generally , you have to taste Bia Hoi. Bia Hoi is as famous as Pho. People say : At Hanoi, eat Pho, drink Bia Hoi, or Bia Hoi bring you to the Hanoi’s soul, Hanoi is really a kingdom of Bia Hoi, Bia Hoi is the best Hanoi specialites  or whatever . But we must to confess that Drink this beer, it’s like a game , you can’t stop , more you drink, more you are thisrty ..

So what is Bia Hoi ?

The bia hoi, literallyfresh beer” or ” pression beer” in Vietnam is a type of local  beer produced in very small quantities and delivered each morning in plastic jugs. Formed from the breakup of the former Hommel, a French colonial  brewery (first transformed into Hanoi Brewery in 1954), it has become a fashion phenomenon and now this beer, even any control health, are consummed by thousands of small shops ( around 3000 in Hanoi) and street vendors because it is very cheap. A variation also exists: the Bia Tuoi but it’s more expensive than Bia Hoi

The beer is brewed, heated to 70 degrees and then cooled and filtered immediately. The foam is provided by nitrogen cartridges, which can be added directly as a capsule into the container (as in the Guinness box) or the printer.

The Bia Hoi is very light, as more ore less  3 and keep cool 2 days in the refrigerator at 6 ° C, up to 20 days between 2 and 4 ° C.

People in Hanoi drink Bia Hoi every where ! I can say: Morning, every people drink tea to get wake up to start the work, then from the midday to evening time, it’s the time of Bia Hoi . In Hochiminh City, i don’t know why they don’t like this lovely drink, ( some time it make me a bit crazy to starve this kind of fresh water). God bless me , finally, i could find a Bia Hoi place in a hidden corner in Saigon , near Hai Ba Trung street – It’s very small but it’s good enough for me to enjoy my happy times when i ve been there ! 

Where to find it?

Many many places , when the summer come, it appear like the mushrooms grown up and fast after the rain

Bia Hơi Lan Chin: Bia hơi Lan Chín 22 Phố Hàng Tre, Quận Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Tel (84-4) 38 241 138,

Tiger Cage Bia Hơi: Tong Dan street right behind the Hanoi Opera House

Bia Hơi at 36 Hàng Giầy, on the west side of street.

Cheers to all of you – Zooo