How to Prepare for Road Trips With Your Pet Dog

How to Prepare for Road Trips With Your Pet Dog

Road trips with the family are simply the best.  Nothing beats having your car window rolled down with the wind beating your face at speeds of up to 80 KPH.  That’s as close as you can get to living out your dreams of being an Indy car racer!

Your daredevil driver dreams become more fun when you bring your family and the family dog with you.  Big pets such as a Saint Bernard would definitely enjoy it if you brought him along on your family trips.  Your pet Saint Bernard is just as much a part of your family as Junior is, so you do have to consider his needs and safety when going on long road trips.

Safety on the road is always a priority, so be sure to get your Saint Bernard a good car restraint especially made for big pets.  From a whole gamut of styles, choose one which suits you.  Going unbuckled on road trips poses more dangers than you can imagine.

Food and toys are things your dog would need to keep him entertained on those long trips.   To avoid any untoward digestive mishaps, bring along your dog’s usual dog food.  This is not the time to experiment with gourmet dishes!   Put your dog’s food in a zip lock plastic bag.  It’s best to feed him as close to his normal eating schedule as possible, to avoid any stomach maladjustments.   Also offer your pet some treats, just to keep boredom and restlessness at bay.

Bring along your pet’s drinking water in one of those pet water bottles.  They’re plastic water bottles which come with an attached bowl for drinking.

Don’t forget your pet’s favorite toy.  Chewing on his beloved ball would help pacify him during the long trip.

You and your pet dog would have to occasionally stop for rests, so remember to keep him on a leash.  You wouldn’t want your dog to stray as you stop for a bathroom break, would you?

Your pet’s comfort is likewise important, so bring along some pillows and blankets.  It could get somewhat chilly out on the road, so keep him warm with a hug from you and a fuzzy blanket.

Just to keep your paranoid mind at ease, it would help to get your pet dog one of those ID cards/tags.  Put your cell phone number and/or home address there, so in case your dog gets lost along the way, people who find your dog would know how to reach you.