How To Plan Your First Red Stag Hunting In New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for red stag hunting. For the last few years, a lot of hunters have been in this country for shooting of the red stags. One of the most common questions asked by the hunters in New Zealand is what the best time is or hunting and what is meant by legal hunting. In some places of this nation, the hunting is legal for the professional. One of the best places for hunting of the Red Stag is the Manuka Point in South Island of New Zealand. The hunters here have many years of experience.

The main attraction of the New Zealand hunting is the red Deer, which is also known as the Red Stag. Most of the outdoor games, hunting reports and the hunting magazines mainly focus their reports on the Red Stag. The Red Stag hunts in New Zealand are quite famous. The Roar is referred to the vocal sound made by this animal during their rutting time. The roar is speed up during the early days of March. Deer hunting in the Roar period is quite exciting and every hunter should experience once in his life time. The stags roar around the clock hours. The professional hunters use the rifles and shoot the animal from a distance o 50 yards. The Roar is also the perfect time for bow hunting and stalk hunting of the Red Stag. The good and efficient guide can only able to get the bow hunter within the reach of 25-50 yards. The blinds and the hides are placed on the trails that offer shots from less than a distance of 35yards.

The Red Stag hunting is one of the popular hunting species in New Zealand as the number of this species is much huge. The hunting of other animals like the Himalayan tahr, wapitis, chamois are shot legally in the provinces of New Zealand. The red stag hunts in New Zealand can be done after the late February till the middle of August. From the last of February to the middle of March, Red deer have the most beautiful physic. It is better to use latest tools to shoot this animal.