How to enjoy your vacation at Sapa, Vietnam

What to do in Sapa ? Best plans for “off beaten tracks Sapa vacation”

Sapa is one of the most beautiful attractions available in the world for you to travel along with your loved family members. A journey to Sapa will be filled with a large number of exciting memories. That’s because plenty of activities are available for you to do and take part in while you are spending your time in there.

If you wonder what to do in Sapa, keep on reading the article. This article will let you know about some of the best activities that you will be able to do while you are spending your time in Sapa.

  1. Visit the Sapa food court

One of the best things to do Sapa would be to visit the Sapa food court. It is located in close proximity to the Sapa central square. Hence, accessing the food court will not be a difficult job to do. You are strongly encouraged to visit the food court at the night time because you will be provided with the opportunity to gain the most out of your stay. For example, you will be able to discover a large number of grilled dishes, which include grilled chicken and grilled eggs.

Some of the food items that you must try while spending your time in Sapa include boiled corn, grilled stream fish, Ban Pho corn liquor, Tao Meo liquor and bamboo pipes. These unique dishes can only be found in the region. Before you purchase, you are encouraged to take a look at the price as well. Then you will be able to overcome unexpected surprises.

  1. Go to the Muong Khuong market

Any person who is looking for things to do Sapa Vietnam can travel to the Muong Khoung market. It is located about 90km away from Sapa, but the journey you take is totally worth when compared to the experience that you will be able to receive. Before you visit, you need to keep in mind that this market is only open during the Sundays.

Weekly market days attract the women from different Hmong tribes in the hill country of northeastern Vietnam. The women in this photo are mostly from the Flower Hmong and Black Hmong tribes.

It is the biggest market that you will be able to find in the region and you can purchase locally produced goods at affordable prices. In addition, you can also get a better understanding about the traditional cultures that can be found in the region as well. You will be exposed to a large number of new discoveries during your journey. The tour will be full of excitement and colors as well.

  1. Explore the silver waterfall ( Thac Bac )

Any person who wonders about the best things to see Sapa can explore the silver waterfall. It is located about 12km away from Sapa. This waterfall is sourced from the Lo Sui Tong Mountain Peak. If you take a look at this waterfall from the front, you will notice that it is pretty much similar to a dragon falling down from the sky. The views offered by silver waterfall are stunning and you will absolutely love it. In addition, you will also be able to visit the Hoang Lien National Park and explore it during your journey. Therefore, you will be provided with the opportunity to enjoy your day along with nature.

  1. Try out steamed glutinous rice

People in Sapa are well known for steamed glutinous rice that they produce. You will be able to find this rice in seven different colors. Therefore, you must add this activity to your list of must do in Sapa Vietnam. The dishes are splendid with colors that are obtained from nature. You will absolutely love the unique experience that you can receive with it. The best glutinous rice is being used for the production of these dishes. While you are enjoying rice, you will be able to get to know about the history associated with them as well.

  1. Go on a bike ride to the Muong Hoa village

Muong Hoa valley is a place that you must see in Sapa. The best method available for you to explore Muong Hoa would be to go on a bike ride. You can easily rent out a bike and take part in this journey and it will be a fascinating one. Throughout your journey, you will be able to discover a large number of green colored paddy fields, which stretch along the horizon.

Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa Valley

When you are exploring Muong Hoa village, you will be able to see the Cat Cat village as well. This village hosts an ethnic minority. You can explore their unique tradition and cultural values during the stay. In addition, you will be able to explore picturesque sceneries throughout the journey. Terraced paddy fields are a common sight that you can see in the Muong Hoa village. You will definitely stop your bike and admire the beauty during your journey. These terraced paddy fields have also been admired by nature lovers who live in every corner of the world. You will be able to witness them from your own eyes during the stay in Sapa.

  1. Take part in Fansipan Trekking

Last but not least, you will be able to take part in Fansipan Trekking. Fansipan is considered as the roof of Indochina. It has a total height of over 3,000m. In fact, this is half of the height of Mount Everest. If you have the passion towards getting to high peaks, Fansipan Trekking is an activity that you must do while you are spending your time in Sapa. If you can get to the top, you will definitely be able to be proud about your achievement. However, Fansipan trekking will not be an easy activity available for you to do. That’s because you will need to go through heavy preparation. However, the effort you spend is totally worth when compared to the results that you will be able to receive at the end of the day.

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