Holiday Travel Reminders

Holiday Travel Reminders

It is estimated that 25 million travelers will take to the skies this Thanksgiving weekend.

With elevated security measures in place at airports across the nation, the Transportation Security Administration is taking steps to make sure everyone understands the rules.

The big change from years past is the whole issue of taking liquids on board flights. Ever since the failed terrorist plot in England this past summer, the TSA has cracked down on all liquid items.

TSA’s education campaign calls it 3-1-1, meaning you can now take containers of up to three ounces of liquid, in a one-quart Ziploc bag – one bag per traveler.

“Every item in this bag is three ounces or less and it fits nicely in a one-quart bag, the reason for that is, based on a security threat this is what is safe from a security threat perspective to bring aboard an aircraft. Larger quantity liquids pose a concern and that’s why they’re prohibited at this time,” said Doug Melvin, TSA security director.

If you forget to put the liquid items in a clear plastic bag, the airport will provide you with one just before the security check point.

Unlike earlier this summer, liquid beverages purchased beyond the security checkpoint may now be carried aboard your flight. And most electronic items, like laptops and Ipods, are now allowed as well. In fact, since summer, the only real change are the rules concerning liquids – and it’s always been a good idea to carry them in sample size containers in a Ziploc bag anyway.

Another thing to keep in mind this holiday season is that a lot of people take wine or champagne to their destination. That is completely off limits as far as carry-ons are concerned this year.

And, as always, TSA reminds everyone to transport your presents unwrapped –both in your carry-on AND checked luggage. Carry your wrapping supplies and plan on wrapping those presents upon arrival at your destination.

Airports will be busier than ever this year, so plan to arrive at the airport EARLY to avoid delays. Flights are definitely booked full, and in all likelihood, oversold. Failure to arrive early could mean losing your seat; and that could mean not getting to your destination until the turkey is cold.

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