Good massage adresses in Hanoi

Where to go for a Good massage in Hanoi

When you are in Hanoi, try a massage! It’s make you something good ! And this is the way to enjoy a local experience. Where to go? How much? In fact, Hanoi have many  places for massage and can offer many choices for you: VIP massage, medium massage and cheap massage . For me, i love a good – or even reasonable  massage. And that’s why the reason of this post . Firstly, I tell you some things :

First, a “foot massage” is not just a foot massage (and I’m not talking about “massage with Extras” places). This is important because there are quite a number of places “foot massage” around and it is very easy to assume that this is all they do, and walk on past wondering where you can get a good back and shoulder pummeling blows. Just come inside of this Foot Massage shop, ans for sure that they  also offer whole body or back and shoulder massage, but even a one hour massage at the foot may involve more time spent on the rest of your body that is on your feet.  You can spare your massage like that, I think, just spent 15 minutes on your feet than the rest, for your full body.

Salle de massage VIP

Salle de massage VIP

Second, be prepared for tipping. This is  place for leisure in Vietnam ans people are considered rich when coming here ! So you are recommended to give tip additionally to your massage fee. Depending on your massage, cheap massage, tip at least 100 000 VND, for VIP massage, 200 000 VND

Thirst, Vietnamese massage is Hard ! Normaly, Vietnames people pratice a strong massage , very muscle ans painful ! If you want a real vietnamese massage, so be prepared for that ! The fisrt time of my massage, I was nearly cried all the time

Fortt, it’s recommended that when the massager ask you to sit up , then try to shack your neck, try to refuse this pratice nicely …If you don’t’ have habit to do that, that can make a wrong reaction then it’s not good

I can only recommend a few places in the old quarter in Hanoi Center

1. Emperor Foot Massage ( Dinh Liet street )  look like simple than the name offring  body massage using hot stones, which I love, and foot massage in 30 minutes (just a massage feet) at 10 USD

2. Daisy Massage ( Au Trieu street ), near the Cathedral of Hanoi, makes a decent foot massage for $ 10 for a half hour or $ 15   an hour.

Thesse 2 places are very center so youc an go there for a short time of walking

For some local massage places , an they are completely different from the above adresses : including Jacuzzi and a steam bath  and a very good 45 minute of the Vietnamese massage
Now, theses places are not for the modest – there are lots of nudity – and Vietnamese massage, but if you’re really keen to explore this options massage in town I can recommend some that i have tasted

1. Fortuna Hotel : 20 (the cheapest rate, No jacuzzi bath and nothing : 30 USD ). Infrastructure isexcellent.  Massage in  VIP rooms cost  $ 95. It’s in the picture below

2. Oasis Massage center : VIP Massage for 20 USD /2h

3. Sakura Massage in Cat Linh, Truong Han Sieu  Very good massage for full body, VIP massage , costing 30 USD /2 h. You got the private jacuzzi and bath in massage room

Do you want a free massage ? I know a nice place. Check it out here in the clip

Have fun !