Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam Visa

Who need a visa to enter Vietnam?

Most foreigners wanting to enter Vietnam need a visa except those discussed in cases exempted from Vietnam visa. Check here for Exemption list of Vietnam Visa

Are there how many kinds of Vietnam visa?

There are two 2 criteria to classify the types of visa to Vietnam:

First, based on the purpose of stay, we have 3 types:

– Tourist Visa: validity for a month
– Business visa: validity for 3 months
– Visa to other goals: validity for more than 3 months

Secondo, based on length of stay and the number of entries, there are four kinds of Visa :

– Visa for one month single entry
– Visa for one month multiple entries
– Visa for 3 months single entry
– Visa  for 3 months multiple entries

How to get Vietnam visa?

You have 2 choices: Request Vietnam visa at the Embassy of Vietnam / Vietnam Consulate in your country or apply for a visa on arrival. Check here : Vietnam Visa Service if you choose the secont method

What is visa on arrival?

This visa is issued on arrival at Vietnam airport. For this type of visa, you must submit a letter of approval and your passport (still valid for at least 6 months), 1 passport photo, the Visa form and stamping fee the Immigration Officer, the visa will be stamped on your passport. Let check here for more infos about Vietnam Visa approval letter

How to get visa on arrival?

Obtaine the visa on arrival at the airport is very simple. All you need to accomplish these three steps  below:
– Complete the visa application form online, pay the service charge for the approval letter.
– Print the approval letter and the application form
– Present the approval letter, 1 passport photo, application form and stamping fees to immigration agents. The visa will be issued.

Is it possible to use the letter of approval for entries by roadways? 

Sorry. You do not have the right to use the approval letter if the entry is made by road. This letter is only acceptable for airway

The necessary information I need to provide to apply the letter of approval?

  1. Name (as written in passport)
    2. Date of birth
    3. Nationality
    4. Passport
    5. Prediction of arrival
    6. Purpose of stay

The visa on arrival costs fully ?

To obtain a visa on arrival, you must pay two types of fees:

Service fees: to who provides the approval letter ( 9 USD )
Stamping fee: who can stamp your visa ( Immigration Service )

How long does The approval letter takes me?

Normally, after filing the application form and paid, you only need one working day (urgent service), 2 days (regular service) and even four business hours (extreme emergency service) to receive the letter of approval visa.

Where is this – to stamp my visa on arrival?

In presenting the letter of approval and the necessary documents, your visa will be stamped. Stamping can be done in three international airports in Vietnam: Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho CHi Minh City) and Danang Airport.

What documents are required to stamp the visa on arrival?

To stamp the visa on arrival, it is mandatory to present:

– Your passport
– Aproval Letter of visa
– Form for Vietnam Visa (completed in advance)
– 1 identity photo
– Stamping fee: USD 25 (for single entry visa) or 50 USD (for multiple entry visa)

Can I go Vietnam before the date specified in the letter of approval?

No, you can not. You must enter Vietnam in the arrival date in the approval letter.

Can I enter Vietnam after the arrival date specified in the letter of approval?

Yes, you could enter Vietnam after the day specified in the approval letter but you must get written in the letter day.

How can I pay the service fee and stamping fee?

– For service charges, payment is as follows:
+ Payment by credit card via OnePay / Paypal
+ Sending money through Western Union
– For stamping fees, payment must be made in cash (USD) at the checkpoint of Immigration.

What are the differences between single entry visa and multiple entry visa?

– Single Entry Visa: You have the right to enter Vietnam for once during the whole time of your valid visa. If you would like to re-enter, you must ask the multiple entry visa.

– Multiple entry visa: you are free to enter and exit Vietnam as much as you want as long as the visa is still valid.

What  happens if my passport expired? Can I apply for entry visa to Vietnam?

In this case you can not ask the Vietnam entry visa. You must then apply for a new passport before applying for the visa. It is recommended you to review to ensure that your passport is still valid for at least 6 months.