Free Things to Do in Los Angeles on a Budget Trip

Free Things to Do in Los Angeles on a Budget Trip

Los Angeles is a large affluent city and home to one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world- Hollywood. All the glitter and the glamour this city produces is bound to leave people thinking that spending time in this city involves spending bucket loads of cash. Nothing could be further from the truth. Inspired and upheld by the spirit of individuals and communities and throbbing with liberating energy, the city respects the fundamental need for art to be accessible to every individual.

There are tons of activities which require nothing more than the cost of commuting from one of the many affordable hotels in Los Angeles to your destination. A few of the many things you can do on your budget stay at Los Angeles and some places of interest that you can visit free of cost are roughly categorised and listed below:


  • Paul Getty Museum

Go down to the Getty Center in L.A. and walk inside the J. Paul Getty Museum. Once inside, you can immerse yourself in pre 20th century European sculpture, paintings, drawings and manuscripts. Then take a walk throughout Getty Center and find yourself surrounded by contemporary sculptures. Admission to the museum is always free.

  • Getty Villa

Getty Villa is home to galleries which are arranged according to themes and depict the epic Trojan War and the Gods and Goddesses involved in the War. Roman, Etruscan and Greek artefacts dating back to 6500 B.C. are also on display. You can spend time journeying backwards without having to pay for admission.

Popular Attractions

  • Window Shop on Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills is acclaimed as one of the poshest areas in Los Angeles. On a budget travelling expedition, it is not possible to pick up souvenirs from the stores and boutiques located on Rodeo Drive. However, you owe nobody any money for getting a feel of the upscale shopping experience by going a window-shopping spree. The fashion industry in Los Angeles is influential and extraordinary to say the least. Take a lingering walk for three blocks past the stylish displays in all sorts of shades and shapes.

  • Original Farmers Market

The unique thing about the Original Farmers Market is that it consists of farmers selling candies, baked goods, meats, nuts, seafood and much more from the back of their trucks. Entry is free and food is inexpensive.


  • Santa Monica Pier

Walking to the end of the Santa Monica Pier is a refreshing experience. The Santa Monica Amusement Park offers free entry and a nice place to spend some time without having the need to be someone or do something.

  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Connect with the spirit of Hollywood as you take a walk through the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It was opened in the year 1899 and has many prominent and early directors, writers and performers buried within its grounds. Harvey Wilcox, the founding father of Hollywood is also buried in this location along with other personalities like Victor Fleming and Rudolph Valentino. It is open to the public and no entry fee is charged.