Fort Walton Beach Travel Tips for First Timers

Your first time tackling Fort Walton Beach travel may be a strange experience for you. This beach paradise is just one of many cities and towns in the area that is dedicated to sun, surf, and entertaining their natives and visitors. Not that navigating around this area is that difficult, but just like with any new location, it can be hard to know how to go about it. The weather is mild all year round and the rainy season isn’t even that rainy so you usually don’t have to worry about road conditions, but whether you are flying or taking a car you will want to know a little more about the area. Here are some helpful tips for first time vacationers to this Floridian hot spot:

  • To avoid sunburn and other nasty side effects (aka the crankies) bring some sort of mode of transportation like a bike or skates. It may sound stupid but many places are within walking distance and you will be happy when you’re feet aren’t hot and blistery.
  • Leave time for traffic. If you do end up renting a car, make sure, especially when traveling between towns to leave room for traffic as many residents commute to larger cities for work.
  • If you are walking, switch from beach to road travel. The varying terrain is much easier on your feet and you will find that they are relieving, one after the other.
  • Try to fly into a close airport like Destin Airport. That way you don’t have to rent a car to get to your vacation rental if you don’t want to.
  • If you are flying into a larger airport, book your car rental in advance. You would be surprised as to how these get rented out.
  • Even for short walks, bring along sunscreen, you will have to reapply often in the Florida sun.
  • Pack good shoes. You may want to avoid the flip flops and go for something with more support for the long walks.
  • If you are traveling with small children pack a stroller even if they are 5-6. You will appreciate it when your kids say “I’m tired of walking!”
  • Pack snacks for days on the beach or traveling from spot to spot. This will save on restaurant and convenience store costs.
  • See if your hotel offers free shuttle services to some of the local sights and activity spots that are on your list to visit while you are there.

Your travel time in this prime Florida area can be a great and easy experience with a little guidance and a bit of planning. Kick off your vacation right by preparing for your trip and keeping some of these ideas in mind. With the above Fort Walton Beach travel tips you can relax in the sun while saving money and having fun, no matter how you got there or how you plan on getting around.

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