Five Outdoor Sports That You Have to Try when Camping

Five Outdoor Sports That You Have to Try when Camping

Nature provides us with a natural background for fun and excitement.  If you are like me, though, you may not understand just how to use it to gain all that it has to offer.  Knowing some fun activities to complete with your family can be helpful.  Included is a list of outdoor sports that my family just has to do when camping.  Use these ideas or let them serve as inspiration for what you will do to utilise Mother Nature on your next camping adventure!


Taking a hike through the woods is a great method of exercise for your family when on a camping trip.  Take the appropriate clothing and head out around your campsite.  Try travelling up hills and through the wooded areas in order to see all that you can while camping.  Remember, as my family sometimes forgets, it is best to stay in a group and have hydration throughout the trip.  Plan ahead and make sure that you have everything you need and then head out on your way through the great outdoors!


For the avid outdoorsman as my husband is, climbing can be a great way to exercise and use that strength while outside.  Rock formations can be beautiful to look at but are also a source of activity when necessary.  It is important to remember that you should not attempt to go climbing unless you are completely prepared!  Take care and be safe by having someone go with you who is knowledgeable about where to go and what equipment is necessary to make the climbing experience safe.  Also, be aware that if you have mixed ages of individuals, children or the elderly may not be up to this activity so plan accordingly.  If you are safe, prepared, and know what you need to know, this can be so much fun!


If climbing and hiking are both not your cup of tea, try doing something more relaxing, like fishing.  A great activity for all ages, fishing can bring serenity and calm to your group of campers.  Of course, there needs to be equipment including fishing poles and bait.  However, if you are willing to make the investment, or find a rental location as we do on many trips, this can be a great group activity that requires less expended energy.  The amount of fun you have may surprise you!  If you wish to keep the fish and cook them, there are often rules and regulations set up for this.  Make sure to check before taking them.  You can always throw them back if you want!


Kayaking can be another great way to see the natural environment around you and have fun too!  Kayaking requires equipment, which I have found many places are willing to rent or allow you to borrow, but for the lover of the water it is a great activity to do!  Set sail early in the morning so you can see the sunrise over the lake or near evening when the sun is setting and you will make a visual memory that will last forever.

Make It Your Own

Camping is about fun and reconnection.  Whether it is just you and the natural world or a family vacation, try these fun activities to make the most out of your time.  Along the way, it could happen that you find a new activity that will become your favourite pastime!  In addition, you may find that the memories you share will last you a lifetime!  Enjoy the outdoors, enjoy each other, and may these activities be as fun for you as they were for my brood!