Extreme Caribbean Adventures

Extreme Caribbean Adventures

A Caribbean destination is the perfect getaway for couples who enjoy participating in extreme adventures together. Extreme escapades are sure to create a bonding and memorable experience for those traveling together.


Couples can discover the beautiful natural landscaping on the island of Dominica first-hand when they hike through the volcanic rock together. The hike may be challenging with the necessity of climbing and rappelling down the side of cliffs and waterfalls, but the experience will last a lifetime.


Couples have the chance to take their hobby of swimming a step further and participate in swims that range from 1 to 3 miles in the open ocean waters near the British Virgin Islands. Swimmers of all skill levels are invited to participate and experiencing the best water on earth will bond couples together for an unforgettable adventure.


Couples vacationing in Rincon, Puerto Rico will find quiet waves to learn this inspiring sport while those already comfortable with surfing will find their skill level tested. Couples can reserve a travel package that includes a surfing guide along with unique accommodations located in a bamboo tree house. Puerto Rico is known by the nickname “Caribbean Pipeline” and couples will appreciate the variety of surfing conditions available.

Explore A Bat Cave

Adventurous couples who love to hike together will love the unique island of Trinidad. The island’s mountainous terrain offers many chances to view wild animals. However, couples who embark upon the 30 minute climb to the highest summit in the island’s mountain range, Mount Tamana, will reach Trinidad’s complex cave system. The first cave features over 500,000 bats that perch throughout the day. The bats are large with a wingspan of one foot.

Couples can take their adventure a step further and explore the second cave chamber with over 12 separate bat species. Brave couples who’d like more contact with these insect eating creatures can wait until sunset to encounter the bats flying within centimeters of their faces.

Sport Fishing

Couples can spend time out on the ocean water fishing for a variety of large game including Mahi-Mahi, Barracuda, and Tuna. Couples can charter a boat and experience the thrill of reeling in one of these strong ocean creatures. Deep sea fishing can be enjoyed at any time during the year and couples will have the opportunity to view picturesque beaches, inlets and lagoons while waiting for the big one to bite. Sport fishing is available on most Caribbean islands and couples will enjoy the unique features of each island getaway.

Kiteboarding Adventures

This unique extreme sport will have couples challenging one another for the best ride. Kiteboarding features methods used in sailing, windsurfing and wakeboarding. The British Virgin Islands is known for kiteboarding and guides are on hand to teach couples how to utilize the wind and enjoy the breakers and slicks of the ocean. Couples with experience may consider visiting in the winter months with access to stronger trade winds that can bring wind speeds averaging 20-25 mph.


When couples travel to the Silver Banks region in the Dominican Republic from January to March, they’ll have the good fortune of snorkeling with humpback whales. These gentle giants mate and bear their young in this part of the Caribbean and couples will be thrilled to experience their presence. Quiet inflatable rafts are used to bring snorkelers to the whales and couples will be able to swim near the babies while the mothers keep an eye on their young calves. Guides will be present to make sure that snorkelers approach the whales carefully with gentle movements and calming gestures.

Couples traveling to the Caribbean have the chance to discover the excitement of extreme adventures. The islands offer a unique bonding experience and couples will reminisce for years about the amazing Caribbean trip that they shared. Furthermore, an exciting island vacation will give couples the chance to appreciate each other all over again.