Experts Say Business Class is Better than First Class Flights – Know Why

Experts Say Business Class is Better than First Class Flights – Know Why

Whether people are going on business trips or on leisure trips, traveling via flights is becoming the popular mode of transport. And the sole reason behind this is saving time. It just takes few hours to travel from one continent to the other via flights. We all know that economy class flights are the cheapest. But now, business class as well as first class air traveling has become affordable as well. How? Many travel agencies and airline companies offer lucrative discounts on business class and first class flight tickets bringing their price down considerably. This is the reason that many general travelers are choosing to fly via business class and first class.

First class flights are expensive than business class flights. But there is not much difference between the two classes. Some services might be additional in first class, but there is nothing short on the luxury factor. This is the reason that some experts opine that business class flights are better than first class flights. Here are 5 reasons to validate the point:

  • Better scopes of perks in business class

The various airline companies are concentrating hard on improving and increasing the perks on business class flights. The concentration is not that high for the first class flights. As per reports, it has been found that it is mainly in the business class that the airlines are making maximum of their money and profit. The amount of money that business class travelers spend on their flight fares are increasing by quite handsome percentage over the years.

The main competition that runs between the various airlines companies is in the business class airfare only. The companies are not that interested in the economy class and first class seats. Lots of research and development is carried out by experts to make flying in the business class most comfortable. Seats are designed in a special manner, innovative designs are implemented and the best of facilities and amenities are offered. It might take thousands of dollars to make one seat in business class – yacht designers and industrial designers are endowed with the job of creating these seats.

  • Almost same amenities and facilities of first class at much cheaper rates

It is true that the amenities and facilities that are offered in business class will vary from a domestic flight to an international flight. The choice of airline is also a factor in this regard. If you compare business class and first class facilities and amenities, you will find that there is almost no difference between the two. Both the classes have seats that have provision of lying flat, offer good quality sumptuous food and alcohol (free of cost). Only in few international flights, there is option of cabin for first class travelers with wider choice in menu. If that does not matter to you, business class is more than fine. Lounge access is also same for business class and first class flights, so why pay more for the same facilities?

  • More and more companies are ready to pay for business class fares

If you are flying internationally for business purpose on behalf of your company, you will find that the company is ready to pay for the business class flight but it might not be very encouraging about first class flight. Why waste this great opportunity for long-distance international flight? But make sure that you check your company policy before making flight bookings for the business trip.

  • Earn same numbers of miles as with first class flights

The mileage bonuses that can be earned while flying in business class and first class flights are great. The numbers of miles earned depend on the class of airline you are traveling in. when compared with various airlines, it has been found that anyone traveling in economy class will earn flyers 100% of actually flown miles; in business class it is 125% and in first class it is 150%. For earning those extra 25% in miles, why spend few thousand dollars more for first class flights?

  • First class flights might disappear

Business class flights are drawing great attention from people all around. With the discounts made available, these flights are becoming affordable as well. It is quite intimidating to note that many airlines are doing away with the first class option altogether and increasing the numbers of business class seats as their demands are high. The premium business class seats are done in state-of-the-art style and offer luxury at its best.

After knowing these facts, it is obvious that you will book your next flight in business class and save money and travel luxuriously at the same time.

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