Europe Tours for Young People

Many of the Americans and Australians who travel across the world every year embark on Europe tours. This is particularly true of the gap year students and young people who want to see the world before continuing their education or starting work. But with so many Europe tours companies available, finding the right one can be hard.

The first decision that students and travellers have to make is whether to go it alone or to book Europe tours with a dedicated company. Europe offers many inexpensive ways of getting about, with inter-railing being a common favourite. However, this option leaves the traveller having to organise their accommodation and transport themselves. Most people taking Europe tours are also keen to see the UK and inter-railing is really only good for mainland Europe.

On the other hand, taking guided Europe tours allows travellers to benefit from several advantages. For example, all accommodation and transport is booked and  paid for in advance, so budgeting isn’t necessary. Also, they can be sure that the guides will show them all the must-see sites. But this option is more expensive.

When visiting Europe with tour companies, travellers have to decide whether to see the whole of the continent with a single tour company, or to use several smaller companies. Usually, there are benefits to using a few smaller companies and definitely to use a separate company for the UK leg of the tour. It isn’t hard to find a dedicated UK tours company which can help travellers to see more of the country than just the capital.

Europe tours should be a major part of any gap year or worldwide trip. But finding the right way of seeing the continent is very important.