Electronic Gadgets that Are Worth Bringing to Vietnam

Electronic Gadgets that Are Worth Bringing to Vietnam

What to Bring to Vietnam

StuffMany of us have our lives revolving around technology. In fact, many of us dread the day when we won’t have our mobile phones to wake us up in the morning or have our MP3 players sing us our favourite jazz lullabies at night. Hence, it is not surprising that when we travel to Vietnam, among the pressing questions we could be asking is this: can I bring my electronic gadgets or not? To answer your query, read on.


Sure, you can. Just make sure it is for personal use. Otherwise, be prepared to pay extra at the airport. So, if you can afford to have fun without your computer, leave it at home. Anyway, online connectivity will not be a problem when you get to this exotic Southeast Asian destination because it has quite a number of Internet shops.

Mobile Phones?

By all means, tuck in those calling devices in your breast pockets. Nonetheless, you should first unlock your device if it is locked by an exclusive phone service provider, so you can buy a new SIM card from a telecommunication network in the country.

Digital Camera?

Definitely, a YES. With the tons of surreal natural sceneries and breathtaking landmarks in this Oriental location, it will be a shame to go home without a single proof of its amazing beauty. Yet, we recommend that you bring along a quality point-and-shoot cam over DSLR units because the former is easier to carry and keep, quite useful as you travel across rainforests and rugged terrains.