Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday in New Zealand. I had planned to spend this Easter in Guatemala, experiencing the celebrations in Antigua but instead I find myself in Opunake with some friends. While it’s nice here, it still isn’t quite what I had planned.


5448068586_800b611592_nLast year I was saving incredibly hard to fund my journey to Latin America. I was on track to depart at the beginning of March to work my way down through Chiapas to Antigua.

30 metres or greasy road during a torrential downpour ended that. Last August I wrote my car off driving to work. Luckily no one was hurt, and I had third-party insurance so didn’t have to pay for the car I aquaplaned into (a late model BMW which was costly to repair).

I’d crunched the numbers earlier in the year and discovered that it is cheaper for me to drive to and from work rather than commute on public transport, so I needed a new car. All of my hard-earned travel money went onto a second hand Nissan, and my travel plans were in ruins.

I was not happy. But the events of last August did reinforce an important lesson:


If you’re met with a setback, get back up and keep going. This is true for both planning travel and when you’re off on your journey.

As it turns out, I downgraded my multi-month trip to Central America for a few weeks in Thailand. Even though it wasn’t what I had planned, it was an incredible experience that I will treasure. It has also made me save even harder so I can realise my dreams.

If you want to travel, do not let anything stop you. If your plans get thrown out due to an unforeseen event: Be realistic, be flexible, and be patient. I have been, and hopefully next Easter I’ll be in Antigua.

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