Discover beautiful places in Da Lat

Da Lat look like a small Paris by the cold highland at night, fog at early morning and pine forest tracts surround the city. So let’s discover the  beautiful places in Da Lat.

beautiful places in Da Lat

beautiful places in Da Lat

Than tho lake

When you was arriving here, most people would like to go there, this place has got many beautiful sight associated with legends about love, this lake is far away from city about 6 km. After 1976, this lake is named Suong Mai lake, but everyone call old name, around the lake is a pine forest, visitors walk or ride a horse or take a rest on the thatched roof and look the orchid. At the Than Tho lake, there are a pair of tree in this lake, it has created great image, visitors can take photos as a souvenir. this is one of beautiful places in Da Lat you should go.

Mong Mo Hill

This is a new ecological area of Da Lat, it’s far from away Da lat city about 4 km. Visitors came to this place, enjoy the bonsai garden or the old house about 300 years, Mong Mo hill will be a great place for foreign came to romantic highland city.

Vang valley

This is a new resort which put into exploitation recently, this place is located in Dankia lake, it’s really an attractive destination for tourists, is a true ecological tourism with flowers, grass,… and you will enjoy this fresh air. Beside this place preserves many precious and rare plants such as red pine, Bodhi nearly 300 years old… If you got enough time, you should to conquer peaks (left entrance) to drop your soul with clouds, mountains. It is one of beautiful places in Da Lat you should go.