Choosing Souvenirs in Vietnam

Best Souvenirs to buy in Vietnam

If it is your first time to visit this country, it will be a good idea to shop around for keepsakes which you can add to your collection back at home. To give you an idea of what to buy in this South East Asian country, read on.

Best Souvenirs to buy in Vietnam

Best Souvenirs to buy in Vietnam

Traditional Craft Items

While shopping for souvenirs in Vietnam, you can take advantage of the abundance of various lacquerware and pick any available enviable mother-of-pearl inlays. Aside from this, you can also buy items which will make for a good home décor like cinnamon and camphor wood carvings, as well as bronze Buddhist bells. Also, you can purchase conical hats and some ethnic musical instruments. To make your buying spree even more exotic, shell out money for wonderful basketry and bamboo pipes from local merchants.

Local Fabrics

Whether they are tailored or uncut, silk remains to be among the top purchases people make while staying in the country. In addition, some order beautifully embroidered cottons as well as printed T-shirts featuring a whole range of styles are available for you. You may also want to have your own clothing materials sewn by capable tailors in Hoi An and Hanoi.


Having a thriving pool of artists, people have come to know Vietnam as a source of amazing paintings. With various galleries scattered in Hue and Ho Chi Minh City, shopping for oriental masterpieces is fairly easy. Still, visitors should always be on the lookout for those selling fake frames.

Overall, while you travel around this wonderful Asian country, do not forget to look around for great souvenirs. For more information on Vietnam, browse around this website today.