Choose the right Visa service For Vietnam

Visa on arrival or visa with embassy ?

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in the world now that it has recovered from its terrible war, and it can be a great pleasure to visit it with its lovely markets and beautiful shrines. Please remember all different countries need to obtain a Vietnam visa in order to travel there. There are a number of different requirements:

  • the number of people traveling,
  • the period of travel,
  • the number of entries into the country
  • where you are coming from

We will try to cover all these areas of interest so that you can obtain the correct Vietnam visa on arrival at cheap price.

How to get your approval letter ?

The first item of interest is that you do not need to purchase a Vietnam visa before you leave home. You just need to be granted permission to visit the country. This permission can be obtained through a number of different websites, which are connected directly to the Vietnam government and have the government’s permission to grant you clearance to visit their country. Once you have the invitation letter provided by this website, you can then obtain the Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport in Vietnam.

This organization will charge you a fee for obtaining the government’s permission, the fee ranges from a cheap $9U.S. to $30 U.S. for most European and American countries . Exceptions are possible for countries like India, the Middle East, West Asian and most African countries where charges are considerably higher.

Once you arrive in the country, you present your letter of approval to the government officials, and pay a fee to them for your official Vietnam visa stamp. This fee ranges in cost from $25 to $50 U.S. dollars per person and must be paid in cash! And check here to see many advantages of this method Vietnam Visa On arrival


Fee for the Visa Stam

There are generally two periods that a visa for Vietnam is offered. A one-month period and a three-month period, you cannot outstay your period. For a single person, to obtain the approval letter for a one-month stay the fee is $8 U.S. This is only for the letter. The fee that is paid to the government runs to $25 U.S. and as explained above, must be paid in cash at the time of arrival at the airport.

If on the other hand you need a Vietnam visa for a three-month period, which is the other period offered, this will cost you more. The approval letter is from 9 to 13 USD dollards for a single person and the government-stamping fee for the visa for Vietnam is still $25 U.S. I’m not sure why the approval letter is more costly when the actual stamping fee is not but that is what the websites say.

Can you get it cheaper ?

In many cases people do not travel to Vietnam on their own, they may travel as a couple but even more usual is the travelling of groups of people. These may be groups of ex-servicemen and their wives, or church or school groups, or just groups of people organized by chartered tour companies. When there are groups like this travelling, it is cheaper to get the approval letters prepared in mass. Typically, the cost per person is reduced until there are 10 people and then it remains constant. It is important to note, however, that each person must be individually approved, and must receive an individual approval letter. They then must each pay for the government stamp on arrival.

In certain cases, you may decide that you will travel in and out of the country over the period that you are planning to stay in the near east. If you are planning to do this, then you will need a special type of cheap Vietnam visa. This visa is specifically created for multiple entries into the country. With a regular Vietnam visa, you may only enter the country once. If you leave, you may not return, unless you go through the whole process of obtaining the approval letter, and buying the stamp all over again.

How about  multiple entry visa?

A multiple entry visa will allow you to enter the country as many times as you want during a one-month or three-month period. These also require an approval letter, but it is more expensive to obtain, running around about $9 to $30 for European and American visitors. The greater the number of people applying for the multiple entry visa for Vietnam the cheaper it becomes up to 10 application letters. The cost of the stamp remains constant, $65 for one-month stays and $95 U.S. for three month stays.

What fo you need to get the appoval letter ?

To obtain your Vietnam Visa approval letter make sure you give yourself plenty of time. They say it can take up to two working days to get the letter, but we always suggest giving them at least two weeks to give you some wiggle room. You will need to provide approval letter providers with the following details:
  • Name on Passport
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Arrival Date
  • Type of Visa

If for some reason you need to obtain an emergency approval letter, this can be done for an additional cost. These costs can range from anything as low as seven dollars per person, up to as much as $55 per person for emergency 2 hours weekend services. Do not put your trip at risk, get your approval letter early.

If you are a citizen of a country in Africa, or western Asia, the costs for the approval letter are substantially higher. India is the most reasonable at about $25 to $30 at sites that offer a cheap Vietnam visa service. Africa and the Middle East can be extremely expensive ranging over $150 U.S. just for the approval letter.

Going to visit lovely Vietnam can be the answer to a dream, and it might mean striking another item off that bucket list of yours. Like many countries ravaged by war, the Vietnam government now requires visas for entry of foreign nationals. Straight forward is the easiest way to explain how to get your Vietnam visa. Select one of the cheap Vietnam visa online websites and order your approval letter well in time for your trip.