Capture the Beauty of Barbados: Top 5 Scenic Spots

Capture the Beauty of Barbados: Top 5 Scenic Spots

Barbados is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Any shutterbug will appreciate the amazing array of scenery available on the island, no matter the season! If you’re planning a trip to Barbados, be sure to pack your camera and this list of the top scenic spots. These five locations are sure to provide an abundance of photo opportunities:

Flower Forest

If you love nature and find inspiration in the vivid colors of native flora, you’ll not want to miss the Flower Forest. Located at the edge of the Scotland District, the forest sits on the site of the Richmond Sugar Plantation. In the forest, you’ll find naturally occurring vegetation mixed with imported trees and plants. Visit during the high season and plan on spending an afternoon walking the well-beaten paths with your best lens. The photos you take will stun your family and friends back home!

Orchid World

Orchid WorldAnother top spot for those who love snapping photos of nature, Orchid World can be found right in the middle of the island. The parish of St. George is home to this amazing display of over 20,000 orchids from around the world. Take at least an hour to walk through the gardens and houses. Not only can you find inspiration among the orchids, you’ll find that the views of the sugar cane valley below lend a whole other perspective to your photography.

Andromeda Botanical Gardens

These peaceful gardens are located in Bathsheba, situated on the east coast of St. Joseph. You’ll feel as though you’ve entered a tropical paradise the moment you step foot in these gardens. Rolling streams and calm lily ponds surrounded by palms, orchids and tropical flowers will give you more inspiration than you’ve ever had. Find a spot and sit very still, and see if you can spot one of the favorite subjects of photographers around the world: the beautiful hummingbird.

Kensington Oval

If taking photographs of people is your hobby, you’ll want to visit Kensington Oval. Popular with locals and tourists alike, this green has held cricket matches for over a hundred years. You’ll not only be able to capture amazing photographs of locals and tourists, but can take away a bit of cricket knowledge and memorabilia as well. Home to the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup, the green has been refurbished and is an absolutely gorgeous piece of land.


Polo Barbados

Polo Barbados

What can afford better photo opportunities than athletes riding atop powerful, muscular horses playing one of the oldest sports in the world? Some of the more popular polo fields can be found at Clifton, Water Hall, Holders and Lion Castle. The sport is growing on the island of Barbados and you’re sure to find at least one person who would be thrilled to share the ins and outs of the game with a novice tourist!

Barbados is a stunning island with photo ops at every turn. Be sure to pack your favorite lenses in your bag to take some of the most vivid photographs you’ve ever had the pleasure to snap.